I.R.I.S.: Out of Fiction: CD

Kent, U.K.’s IRIS is a rock band that has some punk and post hardcore leanings in their music and it adds the crunch that adds a lot of flavor to this EP. Their name stands for IN RETROSPECT I SEE.

This first official release from this four man group has a lot of energy in its six songs that are full of hooks and have a big sound for such a new band. They sound like they want to play big venues with the way the production was done, lots of clear, clean guitar work, bouncy bass, the drums crashing away and the soaring vocals from lead singer Adam Smart. You get some snotty vocals, some screaming from Smart as well as a ton of woah-ohs thrown in the songs throughout the EP. The last song “Thicker than Water”  is an acoustic track with some really nice guitar work, harmonized vocals and heartfelt vocals from Smart.

Check out this album, they’ve done a really good job with it, and they deserve to get their name out there internationally.

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