TUTU & THE PIRATES / HOTLIPS MESSIAH: Get Weird Split-release: 7″


I had never heard of either of these bands when I received this single, now I’m a fan of both of these bands and want more from them! TUTU & THE PIRATES are considered to be Chicago’s first punk band who never released anything back in the old days and HOTLIPS MESSIAH also from Chicago who play like they are from the old days are a perfect match on this single.

Both bands have a fun punk sound that has the sound and feel of THE DICKIES, but they have just enough of a taste of them to remind you of that style instead of being a copy of it. The first two songs from TUTU & THE PIRATES have some grit and a touch of David Johanson in the vocals, especially on “American Taliban” and “Debbie Debbie Debbie (and her) Prison Baby” had that DICKIES feel to it, but damn, I loved that song so much! The buzzing guitar, the manic drumming, the pumping bass and the bouncy vocals made this one of my new favorite songs. HOTLIPS MESSIAH’s had a feel of a more punky DEVO on their two tracks which were super catchy and they had a hint of THE EPOXIES as well. Their songs reminded me more of music from the late 1970s and early 1980s with their songs “Radiation Makes Things Special”, and “Time To Drop The Bomb” which were reminiscent of topics from those times. They had keyboards added a nice feel to the songs, drumming that was punchy, bouncy bass, gritty guitar work and catchy vocals that really meshed well with the background vocals and had a lot of melody.

This was one of the best singles that I have heard in a long time and since I now have two favorite bands because of it, I would say that this was more than a success. This has the best of the old punk rock sound mixed with some newer touches and I cannot stop listening to it.

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