Strike At Midnight cover art

Coming from Melbourne, AU, this group gives us a taste of their hyper-energetic music that will grab your ears.

Layer upon of layer of sound from the tight knit group that kind of sound like the Donnas. Good, clear lyrics, in your face, with a good balance of vocals and background music. It screams strong powerful women that don’t care what people, and for that matter, what men think of them. Even though the album isn’t about sex, the band does have a certain rough round the edges, tough girl, and sex appeal about it. It’s a fun album that’s not so much hardcore, but it is a rock album that would fit rather nicely in the collection along with the Runaway.

A great collection of songs that beg to be played again and again. It’s a nice kick in the pants compared to the bland music that’s out there.

Review by: Amy East