YARD OF BLONDES: Murderology: CD

A brand new four song EP from this rock-folk band that incorporates some 1960s influences, and pop rock into their sound.

The EP starts off with the title track where the band does a dirgey track that has some great melody, is catchy, the vocals between Vincent W. Jacob and Fanny Hill intertwine seamlessly and the band locks into a groove that is infectious. The next song “Monomoria” has excellent drumming and is noisy and has a great freak out feel to it, but it still has the catchiness that makes it shine. Track three “Requiem For A Lover” has a 1960s feel to it with an almost BEATLES sound the song which was nice, with the great musicianship on this song; it was my favorite song on here. Finally, the last song “Sailors” was the most folk like song on the EP, with its quiet and gentle playing that turns harder and faster as the song goes on and there is some classic rock going on in the song as well, a very cool mix of ideas.

This band is definitely interesting and has great vocals, and playing on it, the only flaw…only four songs, I need more!

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