CEREKLOTH: In the Midst of Life We are in Death: CD

After two 7” singles, CEREKLOTH have released their debut album of melodic death metal on these eight heavy songs.

The band has the heaviness down with the bass just crushing it and singer JBP’s low, growling vocals that you can make out the lyrics to the songs, something a bit different in most death metal. This is not a fast paced album; for the most part they play slow, heavy and gritty on this album. The guitar work from the two guitarists is really tight and has a nice edge to it with some chunky leads, the bass is low and nice and heavy, and the drumming really is handled well with lots of precision and power. You get some dual vocals on here, one heavier than the other and both executed really well. The fast bits are mostly included in the songs themselves as opposed to just fast songs, and there are a lot of atmospheric touches on the album as well. “Halo Of Syringes” is heavy as hell and has some great playing on it as well as a ton of atmosphere and tension that almost strangles you.

A very good album from this up and coming death metal band from Denmark.

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This is the sophomore album from this black metal band that just destroys the landscape with this blisteringly wicked release. This is definitely not a release for the faint hearted, not with five songs and a playing time of just over an hour.

This album has a lot of things going on, samples, low, growling vocals, cleaner vocals, primal screaming, wild playing, it has it all. The song “The Passion Of A Sorceress” has that going on all by itself, as well as some great guitar work and dissonance, feedback and the sound of a band about to self destruct at any moment. This is basically one of the most wild and intense albums that I’ve heard in a long time, it’s like they’re trying to go heavier and more crazed than anyone before them, and it looks like they are succeeding with this album.

Grab this album, put on some good headphones or open the windows and crank it up, watch your neighbors go crazy or if you have the headphones on, watch your head melt from this one.

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IMPIOUS BAPTISM: Wrath Of The Apex Predator: CD

Impious Baptism - Wrath of the Apex Predator

This is a one man band playing some hard and heavy black and death metal all mixed together in a thrash speed blender to produce an album that surprised me with how well done it is.

You have some growling, throat shredding vocals by J, furious drumming that is unrelenting in its power, guitar work that has quiet, gentle parts, and then goes all heavy with a buzz saw attack, and bass that roars across the album. This is the debut album and what a great first album it is with the quality of the playing, the nonstop songs that blaze past you at outrageous speed and intensity, and the good job on the production, which kept a lot of the power intact and has some nice space for everything to be heard.

I never would have thought that this was a one man band, the quality is a lot better than most of the solo recordings that I’ve heard before and J really handles all of the playing better than some full bands that I’ve heard. A definitely tasty platter for your consumption.

https://www.facebook.com/impiousbaptism  http://impioustemple.blogspot.com/  https://www.facebook.com/hellsheadbangers  http://hellsheadbangers.bandcamp.com/  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/