HARD MONEY SAINTS and ANGIE AND THE CAR WRECKS go to battle on this CD with only one true winner, the listener on this eleven track live album.

The CD starts off with five songs from HARD MONEY SAINTS who play some fast paced rockabilly and get things off with a literal bang with “Big Bang”, a super catchy song that these three guys play with energy. These guys play rockabilly with a punk feel and energy, but still retaining the classic rockabilly sound that will get you up and dancing. “The Slip” is a great song with super fast guitar playing that is just outstanding, and “Come Back Baby / Rounder” is a great classic sounding blend of two songs that bring to mind Sun era rockabilly. “Suicide Shift” is one of those songs that will get you up and dancing, the kind of song that the STRAY CATS would have killed for before they broke up, and “Ol’ Grey Dog” has some of the tightest drumming on the CD, the guitar playing is going to grab you as soon as you hear it with its finesse, and the bass is bouncy and full. The vocals are not yo country music twangy, they are strong and give you the feel of classic rockabilly. ANGIE AND THE CAR WRECKS start off their part of the CD with “31 Coupe” and the guitar playing is energetic, the vocals are mixed with some screams and the song almost is played like they are daring you to come at them with it dirty playing by the band. “Hell Riders” starts off slow and then kicks into high gear with some punky guitar playing, strong vocals and forceful drumming, “Moonshine” has a great sound, almost punk, but with early rock’n’roll mixed together, “Your Day Will Come” has some nice dual male and female vocals with the gruff male vocals taking front and center with the tough sounding female vocals blending nicely. The band is playing super tight on the CD with energy to spare that would get you up in front of the stage as soon as they started playing. “Draggin’ Down” has a great part in it where Angie breaks down and starts laughing in the middle of the song, it makes her personality shine on this album, and “Billy Ghoul” is about a serial killer and is just as creepy as on their studio album.

Both bands play their hearts out and you can’t go wrong if you are a fan of rockabilly, this will get you dancing and will get played a lot. If either band comes to town, slick back your hair, put on your poodle skirt, and get your ass out to see them.