After a massive first album, Haircut One Hundred were now without a singer, no record label, a backlash against their pop music and in dire straits. This album came out of that difficult time and was not a hit, but has become the holy grail of their music since it has never been on CD, and copies of the album were hard to find. Now we have a remastered and expanded CD that is a welcome addition to your collection.

I loved their first album, playing it on my Walkman over and over again, then waiting, and waiting for more music from them, finally reading in Smash Hits magazine that they had a new single out. I headed out to the record store over and over again in Hamilton to try to buy their music, and finally, I found the single “Prime Time,” with “Too Up Two Down” on the other side. I hurried home, removed the 12″ single from the sleeve while admiring the cool shopping bag that the single was packaged in, and put it on. I was a little bit taken aback that the songs, while good, were so different to the first album, and the singer was a bit different than Nick Heyward, but after a few listens, I was hooked and had to find the album. Well, that didn’t happen for around 5 years because no one carried it and it was not able to be ordered since it wasn’t popular. I did finally find the album on cassette and was happy to finally have it. I played it a lot and eventually hoped to find if on CD, but that wasn’t going to be happening. I was excited to see that Cherry Red was able to get the rights to it and add a second disc of bonus tracks. I put this in my stereo, turned it up and relived the songs that I knew, and enjoyed the way that the album was different than their first one, but still retaining the charm that I loved from the first album. The first disc has the 11 original album tracks plus four related bonus tracks; the 7″ remix of “Too Up Two Down,” the 12″ mix of “Prime Time (Late Night Shopping Version),” and two b-sides “Evil Smokestacking Baby,” and “After It’s All Been Said And Done.” The second disc starts with the 12″ version of “So Tired (Long Slumber Mix),” and its b-side “Fish In A Bowl (Deeper Version).” The next nine tracks were supplied by the band from their own archives. They feature working mixes taken straight from the mixing desk during the recording sessions for the band to listen to at home and work on additional arrangements and brass parts. And at the end, you get four tracks recorded at the BBC for a session on the David Jensen show. They were aired on his show on 13th May 1984.

As you can see, this is an amazing collection of tracks that give the fans an idea of where the band was going and what they were trying to accomplish. Sadly, no matter how good and poppy the album was, fans didn’t buy it and they broke up, but at least we have a collection of songs that hold up and add to the memory of a great band. The booklet has memories of the album and the recording process and was a great read. The added music, along with the remastering has made this a dream come true for fans.


Pelican West is the 1982 debut album by British new wave band Haircut One Hundred. It peaked at No. 2 in the UK album charts, No. 31 in the Billboard 200 and was certified Platinum by the BPI. The album featured three hit singles “Love Plus One,” “Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl),” and “Fantastic Day.” This is the remastered, and now expanded to two discs edition. This set also includes the Top 10 hit single “Nobody’s Fool” featuring the 7″ and 12″ versions. Other bonus material includes the previously unavailable in the UK mixes of “Calling Captain Autumn (Special Extended Version),” and “Love’s Got Me In Triangles (Special Extended Version).” The 7″ and 12″ versions of the b/sides “Boat Party,” “Marine Boy,” “Ski Club Of Great Britain” and “October Is Orange (Day 1 And Day 2).” Many of these have never been available on CD. The CD booklet features artwork from both the original vinyl album and promotional magazine plus extensive sleeve notes and a UK discography.

I remember hearing “Love Plus One” on the radio one night while my father was at work doing inventory and I immediately fell in love with the song. Bouncy, catchy and irresistible, I had to have that song! I got out one of the few blank cassettes that I had and got set to record it the next time that it was going to be played, back then, they used to announce the upcoming songs and tell you what they played already. I got everything ready and hit record and played that song over and over again. I went to one of the many local stores, at that time there were a ton of record stores around and grabbed a copy of the album and bought a blank tape and went home to listen and tape it. The songs on that album were every bit as good as the first song that I heard and had me smiling and dancing around my living room, of course trying to be careful to not have the needle skip…lol. After all of these years, I now possess the amazing sounding remaster, as well as a ton of great bonus tracks that I had to find on singles back then, no mean feat. I still have the cassette, and the singles from back then, and this double CD collection holds up just as well as it did when I first heard them, and I’ve played it a ton of times already. The songs are crisp sounding, full of energy and have the feel of a party that you never want to leave.

The album brings back great memories of my youth and even if you only know “the hits,” you should grab this album and let the funky grooves enter your body and get you moving and dancing to the songs.