SKEPTIC?: Now Look What You’ve Done: CD

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SKEPTIC? are a punk band out of Birmingham, AL that have been around since 2001 and have released their new ten song album with three bonus songs from their Stand Today CD single.

The five guys who make up this band are Barron on vocals, Jeff and James on guitar, Weber on bass and Richie on drums.

“Bad Debt File” is a buzzbomb of a track with ripping guitar playing, banging bass, pounding drums and vocals that you could mistake for Jello Biafra’s with the high-pitched singing and talk / singing that he’s famous for. “Bailout” continues the old school hardcore attack with manic singing and playing, “Desperation” has the sound of how hardcore should be, no metal, just speed and anger without the tough guy vocals and attitudes, and “No Fun To Be Young” is a crazy fast song that makes you want to jump around and slam dance. This is the long-lost DEAD KENNEDYS album that people have been searching for and haven’t been able to find from that band or Jello in years. Straight up, kick you in the balls old school hardcore that I’ve been missing for such a long time. The playing is tight, the lyrics actually mean something and Barron’s vocals although sounding a lot like Jello’s, are exactly what fits with the raging music from SKEPTIC? Some other songs that were blowing me away were, “Do The Same Thing”, “Maybe Next Time”, “Train Wreck” and “Out Tonight”. They also do a cover of “Live With Me” by THE ROLLING STONES.

This is a killer of an album, one chock full of your new favorite hardcore songs that you will be playing on repeat. I put this one on and couldn’t stop listening to it, it just floored me with the aggression and power of what classic hardcore should be.