THE PALE FACES: Another Such Strange Bird: CD

THE PALE FACES hailing from Leicester, UK are a lo-fi, experimental, noise band that mixes it all up with garage rock and runs with it. This three-piece takes a very indie feel and sound and turns the droning and dissonant sounds into a goulash of delicious delights that keep you coming back for seconds.

“Girl From The Past” has the early ’80s sound of experimentalism and noise, but creates a textured song that compels you to relisten to the sounds being explored on this track. “O Mummy O Daddy” brings out the dirty garage-rock doused in organ and a groove that forces you to move along to it in your chair and is exceptionally memorable, especially the vocals that have a ton of distortion on them and go from being kind of blase to screamed. “Eat You Alive” has an interesting keyboard sound that incorporates a little bit of gothiness with the haunting vocals that would have made a huge splash on mix tapes back in the ’80s. “No Kisses Blues” brings back a nice swaggering groove that harkens back to the ’60s and mixes it up with noise and creates a cool jam. “Sweet & Sour Sixteen” has a ’60s pop sound mixed in with the rocking groove and gets you moving along to the song and wishing that it was at least twice as long. “Island” is a very interesting slow song that has a ton of atmospheric sounds and gothy vocals that kind of make it sound like a song that would be on a horror movie soundtrack…very cool. “A Thing Called Man” has a definite post-punk edginess to its sound and then the more goth-like sound of a ’60s influenced SIOUXSIE SIOUX vocal takes over for “Soul Connection”. “Dark Lips” is a very interesting experimental track, almost trance techno-like that has some great screaming at the end. “Black Swan” begins with more screams, dissonance and noise and slips into being more melodic with returns to the sound of the beginning of the song mixed in and gives listeners a very noise filled, but complete and fitting end to the album.

The band isn’t trying to be the most proficient and technical players, but that’s the charm, noise can be just as technical as a precise guitar lick or drum fill and every bit as exciting. THE PALE FACES have given us an albums of mind-blowing textures and sounds and adds a colorful palette that should make their faces just a touch less pale.

SUBTITLES: I Am An Animal: Download


SUBTITLES are a two-piece garage punk band from Leicester, England and consist of Jonney Buck on vocals and guitar, and Chris Smith on drums.

First song on this EP is “I Am An Animal” and it just kicks ass! The vocals sound like a mixture of Joe Strummer and Lux Interior with drummer Smith doing a great job on his kit and Buck playing a mix of psychobilly and punk on guitar. Their cover of “Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?” is outstanding and rivals the CRAMPS version for wild abandon and crazed fun. “Something Else” is every bit the beautiful mess that SID VICIOUS made it into, “Little Red Riding Hoodis another great cover originally done by SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS has the sound of the 1960s garage bands doing a cover, but mixed with a crazy guy on vocals, “How Deep Is The Sky?” has more frenetic playing and has a fantastic groove. SUBTITLES play a lot of great covers on this EP and unlike many other artists, they really hold their own and prove that it’s possible to play cover songs and still make them unique and your own. “Tear It Up” was one of the best songs on the EP with its non-stop beat, it’s one of those songs that just reaches out and pulls you in.

SUBTITLES really take the energy and excitement of the late 1970s and early 1980s punk music, mix it with psychobilly, add garage punk and whip it into a delicious concoction that you want to keep drinking from.