GOLLIWOG: Plague Allegiance: CD

GOLLIWOG from Slovenia have been around since 1998 and had a few releases out before this one that includes a short book with the same title. The idea is to spread the message as wide as possible and to illuminate the issues about the government corruption, secret societies, New World Order, and to show the hard facts about the biggest conspiracy of our time to a wider audience. Some text for the book was written and approved by well-known freedom fighters, conspiracy researchers, and authors such as Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, David Icke and others.

“Mask Of Sanity” is one hell of a great start to the album, literally with a bang from a gunshot and the shouted dual male and female vocals really grabbed me. The playing was tighter than a frog’s ass underwater, with the band playing full power and blowing me away. “King Of Hearts” keeps the high-speed pace going with melody and energy, “Hermit Crab” is another hard-hitting song that just makes you wonder how this band just keeps the high quality going song after song. This female-fronted four-piece will have your fists pumping in the air and leave you wanting more from them , especially with the blistering musicianship on this album. The guitar playing is fast and full of energy, the bass has depth and fullness, the drumming is pummeling away, and the vocals have melody even on the fastest songs. Some songs that were ear worms for me were, “Serotonin Fix”, “Deception Of A Frozen Heart”, “Anti-Heroes”, “Blue On Blues”, “Bite Me”, “Make My Day” and “Chess Pawn”.

With great lyrics that have a message and tight playing, this was one hell of a great album that had one strong song after another and reminded me of how much punk rock makes me happy. As soon as I put this album on, the smile that crept across my face just got larger and made me want to replay the album again. You can’t go wrong with a band that gives so much of themselves to their listeners as GOLLIWOG does on this release.