Take a Bite is the seventh studio album by Girlschool, and originally released by GWR Records in 1988. It is the first album to feature Tracey Lamb from Rock Goddess on bass, replacing Gil Weston-Jones. This album features a brief return from founder member Enid Williams, providing backing vocals on “This Time,” but also features FM’s Merv Goldsworthy and Pete Jupp, who sing backing vocals on “Girls on Top.”

Second album to keep the legacy of the band going, with maybe a bit more gloss than the previous album, but not enough to diminish the power of the songs. You get “Head over Heels” which is co-written by Lemmy from Motorhead, the Joan Jett sounding “Girls On Top,” and “Up All Night,” just three awesome songs on this album. The band is still playing with energy, maybe invigorated by Lamb’s joining the band, and full of chunky riffs and catchy choruses, the album is a delight to listen to. Their cover of “Fox On The Run” by Sweet is a classic by both bands. The remastering helps clean up the muddy sound of my original CD and makes the album much stronger sounding. The booklet has a great information about the album and has cool pictures included from the album release.

The band may have not been on the charts too much, but that never hampered their ability to write great songs and to love what they do right to this very day. The band is a class act and this is a great album that sounds as great today as it did nearly thirty years ago…….almost thirty years…………

GIRLSCHOOL:Nightmare At Maple Cross

Nightmare At Maple Cross is the sixth studio album by Girlschool, and was originally released on GWR Records in 1986. Under the direction of producer Vic Maile, this album marks the return of the band to the sound of their earlier works and to a four-piece band. All tracks were composed by the band, except for the cover of Mud’s “Tiger Feet.”

This is a definite return to form after their previous album which was more geared toward the American market, especially only being released there and more commercial sounding. This brings them back to the power, energy and FUN of their first two albums. The vocals, the laying and the catchy songs all combine to make this a fresh and fantastic listen. You can bang your head, jump around, shout along and just put on a smile as soon as you start to listen to this album. I love “Danger Sign,” “Never Too Late,” and so many more songs on here. The songs are so well written and you can hear that the band was having fun doing this album. I love the banter that the band has on the album, very reminiscent of their older albums. The cover of “Tiger Feet” from Mud is terrific, so peppy, catchy and the song should be played loud every time you put the album on……hell, every song on here should be too. The booklet is great, lots of info about the recording of the album and the remastering is flawless as well.

A band that I read about in CREEM magazine and got Hit And Run as a birthday gift, and been a fan ever since. This shows that they had so many great songs and could give their all to their fans. Grab a copy of this one today!

GIRLSCHOOL: Running Wild: CD

This is the first LP to be released without original guitarist and singer Kelly Johnson playing. Founding members Kim McAulliffe (guitar / lead vocals), and Denise Dufort (drums) were joined by Gil Weston-Jones (bass) Jackie Bodimead (lead vocals / keyboards) and Cris Bonacci (guitar). This was very much a keyboard driven album aimed at US radio, and also featured a cover version of KISS’s “Do You Love Me?”. This was previously only available in the United States on vinyl, and this is the first official release for the album on CD. It also features liner notes from Classic Rock and Metal Hammer’s Malcolm Dome based on new interviews with the band.

Yes, this is the album that most fans have either never heard, or never liked, I found it to be very glossy sounding, similar to VIXEN, but it still rocked enough to be a worthy piece in my collection. The cover of KISS’s “Do You Love Me?” should have been placed later on instead of the third song in, but it has a nice crunch to it that makes it another cool cover song from these ladies. “Nowhere To Run,” “Let Me Go,” “Something For Nothing,” and “Nasty Nasty” are really good sounding rock songs that stand out on the album.”Running Wild” is a ballad and while being well done, goes on longer than it should.

There is a big difference in sound from their earlier albums, the edge has been sanded down quite a bit, but they sound like they are still enjoying themselves and really, it’s Girlschool, they rock. I would have liked to have had some bonus tracks, maybe some demos of the songs or something, but at least people have the chance to hear the album on CD for the first time.