WHITE REAPER: Self-titled: CD

White Reaper cover art

This Louisville, KY trio play garage rock / punk on their self-titled, debut EP. It is six songs in around seventeen minutes of very cool DIY punk. Singer / guitarist Tony Esposito is joined by brothers Sam and Nick Wilkerson on bass and drums respectively.

The EP has a bit of JESUS & MARY CHAIN noise and early SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES sound mixed into their own delicious cacophony. “Cool” has tight riffs, intense percussion, and a chorus that is contagious. “Funn” is just as exciting, with the trio creating a huge sound and more excitement than you think could be had in one minute and forty-two seconds. “Half Bad” is a tight track with a great keyboard riff and shows that the band can bash their way through a fantastic mess the sounds fantastic. “She Wants To” is another blazing song that has energy to spare and just keeps you dancing around like a nut. “Conspirator” has a wall of sound that would put any low-fi band to shame, but the hooks are still there and makes this, like all of the other songs, so damn addictive. “Ohh (Yeah)” has a harder sound to it, but also has some relaxed playing that brings to mind the CLASH and how they mixed things up so well.

This band has so much energy and passion that it draws you in and won’t let you go for the sadly short running time of the EP. This is a band that definitely deserves to be watched because if this is a hint as to what they can do…watch out!







This is the Inspiral Carpets‘ legendary 1989 mail-order only cassette DUNG 4 on CD for the very first time ever. Originally issued on the band’s own Cow label, this tape was never issued on vinyl or CD and it contained unique songs as well as versions of tracks which were later re-recorded. It sold 8,000 cassettes and has the contents of their earlier demo EP Cow as bonus tracks.

Their debut single “Garage Full Of Flowers” is here in a totally different version, that’s fast and peppy. Their breakthrough single “Joe” is present with a spoken word intro from drummer Craig Gill that’s missing from the better known later version. There’s a version of ? And The Mysterians’ “96 Tears,” that was recorded before The Stranglers had a hit with it on their album 10. “Inside My Head” and “Seeds Of Doubt” are fast and hard-hitting songs, “Sun Don’t Shine” is a beautiful organ-led ballad that was later re-recorded for the band’s debut album Life. “Theme From Cow” is a short stab of organ-led pop that shows their garage roots. “Butterfly” is taken off the band’s second EP, Trainsurfing. as well as “Causeway.” “26” is a slower song that was written before vocalist Stephen Holt left the band. The four bonus tracks from the band’s previous Cow demo cassette capture a slightly harder Inspiral sound than you’re used to hearing. “Head For The Sun” is fast, and driven by Graham Lambert’s wild guitar playing. “Now You’re Gone” has the feel of ’60s psychedelia. “Whisky” is a fast organ based ode to drinking. The final “Love Can Never Lose Its Own” is another shot of ’60s psychedelia. The booklet has great pictures of posters and other bits of memorabilia from the era, plus comments from each band member. The sound has been improved on and sounds nice and clear, giving you the full experience of their earliest recordings.

Yes, the band became a big thing not long after this and for fans, it shows the roots of a band that just kept getting better. It stands as not a relic, but an insight to a band on the cusp of greatness.

https://www.facebook.com/OfficialInspirals  http://www.inspiralcarpets.com/



CADAVER DOGS: Too Much: Download

Too Much cover art

This now turned from a trio into a duo, had dropped a huge album to melt your ear-holes and get your head into a wicked place. Ten blistering tracks that just amaze and stick with you after the first listen.

The album starts with a brutal track “Black Out The Blues” and sets a very high standard for what comes after. They come out with a first track that has fantastic growls from singer / guitarist Mat Franklin, a snarling, fuzzed-out riff and drummer Lex Vegas destroys his kit. It just keeps on getting better with every track showing the tight playing that the band has been forced to do since they are now a duo and it just blows away the landscape with the intensity and raw emotional singing. This set of dirty, glammed-up blooze-rock is just the right remedy for all of the limp rock out there being hyped up by the major labels and radio…this is the shit that should get played! “Buzzards” has a VAN HALEN feel to it, you know, catchy, fun, and the kind of song that fits into a party.

Every song is a winner and if this is what they are capable of…wow! This is one of the tightest and most blistering albums that has ripped through my skull in a long time.

https://www.facebook.com/CadaverDogs    http://cadaverfuckingdogs.bandcamp.com/


THE HAMBURGLARS: Self-titled: 10″

The Hamburglars - 10"

You have a masked band that’s dressed in full Hamburglar costumes, they play garage punk mixed with some surf music, and almost every lyric is “robble robble robble robble robble robble  robble robble robble,” and it makes me smile, shake my head and laugh.

Six tasty treats on this release that will make Mayor McCheese happy, and when you crank this up and start to dance, you will knock over everyone’s Shamrock shakes, but don’t you dare screw with the hamburgers!

A great bunch of songs that just are funny as hell, and played with energy and reckless abandon. Definitely a treat, just like the one you get in your Happy Meal, but better.


https://www.facebook.com/hamburglars.robble  http://www.hamburglars.com/

https://www.facebook.com/MoosterRecords  http://moosterrecords.com/

DALAPLAN: Snubblar Fram: 7″


Dalaplan - Snubblar fram 7" cover art

This band from Malmö, Sweden just keeps making me love them more and more with every release. More punky new wave with a dash of ’60s thrown in.

The male and female vocals mesh together perfectly on these two upbeat and danceable songs. The band plays with a sense of urgency and fun that’s totally infectious, and the organ adds so much to the songs. As with all of their songs that I’ve heard, the quality is outstanding and just puts a smile on my face and makes me happy.

You need to get this band’s music, they are a true gem and I’m so glad that I’ve been able to find them. I’ve got such a crazed love for this band and will try to get all of their releases…you should too!

https://www.facebook.com/dalaplan  http://dalaplan.nu/english/



TYRED EYES: Ghost E.P.: 7″

Tyred Eyes - Ghost 7" EP cover art

This female fronted band from Göteborg, Sweden plays catchy garage punk with a nice touch of pop mixed in. Vocalist and guitarist Johanna Hellqvist has a voice that reminds me a bit of JOAN JETT in places, but still keeps sounding fresh and nowhere near being a copy, but the timber is there.

These four songs have a nice crunchy and tough sound that give them a nice edge. The guitar playing is top-notch with some jangle and nice leads, the drumming and the bass mesh together perfectly, giving the songs a bit of a swagger that gets you moving. It’s nice that the bass is mixed in loud enough to be heard and it really gives the songs a lot of depth. The songs are just a touch sloppy which gives them a fantastic live feel to them, not sterile and pretty, but tough and meaty. Every one of the songs is a winner on this four track E.P.

I’ve listened to this a lot and it just seems to get better the more that I play it. Grab a copy and play it loud and get them to make more music in the future because only four songs isn’t enough.

https://www.facebook.com/tyredeyes  http://tyredeyes.bandcamp.com/

http://www.tyredeyes.net/  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gaphals-Records/364591053618522




THE SKUZZIES: Self-titled: CD

THE SKUZZIES are mates with Pete Doherty from THE LIBERTINES / BABYSHAMBLES and have him featured on the last track “On The Corner”. They play a mix of garage punk and punk circa ’76 – ’77 and put a lot of energy into their songs.

The band really has a definite love for their music and puts a lot of feeling and power into this album. The album has the sound of Britain all over it, from the accents, the lyrics and the influences that are mixed into this delicious melange. A hint of THE CLASH, MC5, and THE KINKS creep into the songs here and there, but all the while they keep the reins pulled tight to keeping their own identity. The album features hooks and big, catchy choruses, manic playing and snotty vocals mixed with slightly aggressive vocals to great effect. The songs that stood out were “Hungry As A Hound”, “More Than This”, “Dissatisfied”, “Shotgun Romance”, “Rich Girls” and “On The Corner”.

A great album filled with songs that will get you rocking as well as singing along with and will get stuck in your head. Nice job with the slightly sloppy playing, it really made it sound like you are in the studio with the band, not sterile and cold sounding at all, but full of life.



https://www.facebook.com/EasyActionRecords  http://www.easyaction.co.uk/