VALONKANTAJAT: Tuomittu Elämään: CD

VALONKANTAJAT is a band from Uusimaa, southern Finland that plays heavy metal with lyrics completely in Finnish on this ten song album.

The songs are pretty heavy with some nice melodic vocals mixed with more gruff vocals. Lead guitar work is pretty good throughout, and the double bass drum keeps things moving along. The album is pretty heavy, but still manages to have a lot of melody and the aforementioned lead guitar work shines in places. This has a nice chunky, thick feel in places and has a bit of a METALLICA sound in the vocals at times, but not too much, which is good. They wanted to sing in their native language to represent the feeling of living in the north and this debut album shows a lot of promise and talent from these guys. They have got a lot of fast tunes on here to get your head banging and a few slower, but not slow songs as well, to change the pace of the album a bit and it’s a nicely mixed and produced album.

These guys should get your head moving, the only thing that may hold them back are the length of some of the songs because I wanted more concise songs, but without knowing the language, I may be missing why they are long and of course, the language itself. It may limit the fan base out of their native country, but give them a try and you may be surprised.