Fallen Asunder is a music project between two friends since childhood, Ryan Batturs on vocals and guitar and Josh Weaver on lead guitar, who grew up playing music together. They are based out of Lancaster Pa, and have influences in the rock and metal such as Bullet for My Valentine, Killswitch, Dream Theater, HIM, and Goo Goo Dolls.

Opening track “The World and Fate” has a killer guitar intro and shows a lot of energy to start off the album. “Our Ghosts” starts off with great guitar playing that turns from gentle playing to hard rocking in a few seconds and the band just blazes on this track. “Meant For So Much More” is a blistering song that charges ahead at full power and grabs you along for the ride. “Silent Lies” is another hard rocking song that keeps the pace going strong, especially with the screamed vocals that put force so much emotion. “Lost In The Rain” is a song that is more in the hard rock / AOR vein that really stands out. Last song “Blinded Eyes” ends the album with a killer track, showing that the band will rock out till the very end.

The tight and blistering guitar playing is a definite standout, and made the greatest impression on me, so much that I grabbed my air guitar and played along with them the best that I could. This shows a lot of potential and talent and will be a band that I will be keeping my eyes and ears on in the future.