Self Titled E.P. cover art

This band from Derby in the U.K. plays hardcore punk and has put out their debut EP with five brutal songs. 

The band just rips things up from the start with “To Kill Again” having deep, shouted vocals, fat bass, slick guitar playing and great drumming. “Fish Called Wanda” has fantastic drumming and guitar playing with heavy bass and gruff vocals that made this song a real favorite for me. “Perfect Picture Painted” has a fair bt of spoken word mixed with the gruff vocals and more of a metal sound, but still keeps the intensity up, especially with the thrash that tears things up around two-thirds of the way through the song and made for an interesting track. “There’s Something Very Wrong Here” gets back to the hardcore and has more of that great guitar playing and is a little more mid paced. “Ephemeral Foetus” is the last song and starts off nice and gentle and quiet, then the band takes it up a notch or three and the ferocity just keeps building and turns it into a dervish of a song and another highlight on the album.

Five songs that take your ears and burn them with anger and energy that sticks with you when you’re done listening to the album. They really play with a ton of talent and turn the EP into a taster of what you hope will continue on their next release.


http://ephemeralfoetus.bandcamp.com/  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Infiltrate-The-System-Records/113995301993777