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VOODOO HIGHWAY is a new Italian quintet featuring Federico Di Marco (vocals), Filippo Cavallini (bass), Matteo Bizzarri (guitars). Alessandro Duò (keys) and Vincenzo Zairo (drums). Founded in 2010, VOODOO HIGHWAY has released their newest opus of twelve songs that give hope for rock fans everywhere.

“This Is Rock’n’roll, Wankers!”  has riffs, keyboards, and vocals rousing up to the sky with anthemic might and an infectious melody. It is exactly what its title declares, a giant middle finger to people who have no idea what Rock’n’roll is and think that whiney, fake shit is rock. The track has a swagger and balls to the wall intensity which makes you want to get up and shout along and is a triumphant and irresistible start to the release. “Fly To The Rising Sun” has a great bunch of riffs that will make you close your eyes and get lost in them, thundering drums and the keyboard just adds the right amount of texture to the song. “Midnight Hour” has a thick bass, guitar playing that just seems to be from another planet with the intense riffs, and a bit of a classic rock feel to the song. “Could You Love Me” has a touch of AOR to it and would have sounded as great booming out of a radio in 1984 as it does now. “Wastin’ Miles” keeps the AOR sound going with this mid-paced track that makes you want to sing along to. “Church Of Clay” has some of the most impressive guitar playing on it and shows just how talented Bizzarri is, and is one of the high points on the album, especially when the keyboard solo comes in. “Mountain High” has the sound of early RAINBOW and is every bit the equal of the previous song and is another highlight. The playing on this album has been stellar and in a perfect world, this is what would be on the radio and selling millions of copies. The band shines on these tracks, giving the listener a chance to hear exactly what a band at the top of their game is capable of doing, laying to waste the crap surrounding them. “Cold White Love”, “A Spark From The Sacred Fire”, “Prince Of Moonlight”, and bonus tracks “Till It Bleeds” and “Broken Uncles Inn” rounds off what has to be my album of the year.

With this, you have an album sure to excite all melodic rock fans with the storm of rock’n’roll that is presented in this fantastic package that includes a cover from graphic designer Storm Thorgerson. Don’t let anything stand in your way, get this album, believe the hype this time because brothers and sisters, it’s true!

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