DOG COMPANY: A Bullet For Every Lie: 12″

DOG COMPANY were formed in early 2004 and put their first album out in 2008 and now have their sophomore release out. They play streetpunk / Oi! with short, punchy songs that get their message out to the listener as quickly as possible.

The band gets right down to business with their biting lyrics and fast-paced songs that include quick solos, lots of cool riffs, thick bass, hammering drums, gang vocals aplenty, and slightly gruff at times lead vocals. The band really gives us a ton of catchy choruses and melody galore on this release. The high energy songs are perfect for raising a beer or three to and grabbing your buddies and having a slam dance . The only problem is that the songs go by so fast that you really need to put this on repeat and listen to it a few times in a row, I just want more music from them damn it!

A very cool release on colored vinyl that will get your ass moving and get you shouting along with. It was also really cool to get a CD copy included with the vinyl.


7" sized2-2 BW

Dresden, Germany’s STRONGBOW have found their complement in Dallas, Texas’ punk outfit DOG COMPANY. Both bands play punk rock with a nod to a more classic, straight forward approach mixed with street punk energy and they do it well.

STRONGBOW’s “These Nights” and “Blind” both showcase a tight band with great energy and enthusiasm and two memorable songs. Great stuff. DOG COMPANY’s “Not Dead Yet” and “Everybody’s Your Best Friend” are the demo versions on the vinyl and the finished release on the download, which is a very cool pressing error. Both versions are great fun and full of kick in the teeth power. Of course the production and sound is tighter on the download, but I enjoyed both versions.

The split is a definite treat with both bands putting their own spin on punk rock and giving us a taste of their catalogue and it makes you want to go out and grab more from both. Check this out and sing along with a couple of bands that prove you don’t need to be trendy, just good.

DOG COMPANY: Self-titled EP: 7″


DOG COMPANY was formed in early 2004 and have tried to keep up the tradition of political punk rock with no frills and no bullshit. This Texas band throws down two songs stick to those core values in spades and gives you a reason to love punk again.

“Burn Washington Burn” and “Last Call” are two barn storming songs that have a bit of street punk and a lot of verve and energy to get you rocking out while listening to intelligent lyrics. The band plays tight and keeps the power going on both songs and really made for a great single.

These guys need to put out an album and I need to go and see them live because if they are this good on this single, they must really kick ass live. Grab this and support real, honest to goodness punk rock.