DEATH WOLF: II – Black Armoured Death: CD

Originally known as DEVILS WHOREHOUSE and having releases out with that name, they changed their name to DEATH WOLF and have put their sophomore album out with this name.

This is a mixture of metal, punk some death metal and some thrash, and a mighty cool mixture of all of these styles too. The song “Luciferian Blood Covenant” is a slower almost instrumental with just guitar and soft vocals in the background that kicks off into one of my favorite songs on here, “Black Armoured Death”, is a great thrash song that is short, to the point and just kicks ass. Great playing throughout this album, with some hard-hitting drums, nice guitar bass work, and strong vocals, really made for a great listen. The production works very well, nice and tight, clear sounding and everything has its own space and is just loud enough, not too in your face, the band’s playing is already doing that part for you.

This really is an album that will be played loudly and often in my house, get one of your own and join me in doing this.