TOMBSTONERS: Dissolution of Astral Order: CD

Dissolution of Astral Order cover art

This two-piece band, three when playing live, play heavy-duty death metal that will rattle your windows and get stuck in your ears after one listen. They’ve been around since 2006 and dropped their newest EP of blistering metal that makes you want to hear more from them.

This four song EP starts off with the intense first track “Sacrilegious Impiety”. With the booming bass, the heavy riffs, the pummeling drumming and the guttural vocals really grab you right from the start. They start on a high and just keep the intensity and energy going throughout the rest of the EP. As the EP plays on, you can hear the anger and aggression that these guys put out on this taste of their devastating songs. The production gives the songs more grit and a dirty sound, the only complaint is that I wish that the drumming was mixed a bit thicker and heavier, but it doesn’t take away from the intensity of these songs, it would only add to it.

With only four songs, you feel sad that it ends too quickly, but with continued support, these guys will get out and lay down some more tracks to head bang along to. I’m really looking forward to hearing more from them in the future, this was a definite pleasure to listen to.

DARKANE: The Sinister Supremacy: CD

This melodic death / thrash metal band from Helsingborg, Sweden has been together since 1998 and has released five previous albums and a DVD before this. These five guys throw down an album of blistering tracks that you can crank up loud and bang your head to until you need a neck rub to take away the pain.

Starting off with a classically inspired intro that gives no a nice relaxing interlude before the title track comes on and rips your face off. Tight played and full of energy, these guys really give you their all in this huge, riff filled album. The band has just enough death metal in their thrash to give it that evil, angry edge, but it doesn’t go overboard with the gore or violence that it becomes a parody. The machine gun drumming just hammers away, the shouted, guttural vocals give the songs a nice angry sound that I loved, the heavy bass pounds away, and the guitar playing has a ton of riffage and blazing leads to satisfy the air guitarist in you. The addition of softer, more gentle and orchestral parts really added a nice bit of depth and texture to a heavy group of songs. I really liked “The Sinister Supremacy”, “Mechanically Divine”, “Ostracized”, “Insurrection is Imminent”, and “Humanity Defined”.

This is the kind of album that begs to be played on repeat and loud as hell to get the full listening experience that is required. These guys turned out an album of terrific songs played with the exuberance and power that will get you stuck on this CD for a long time so why fight it…go out and get a copy now!


Into the Fire cover art

From Coimbra, Portugal, and started in 2011, DESTROYERS OF ALL have released their debut E.P. independently. These six songs of intense death / thrash metal will kick your ass.

The songs incorporate a few other styles that mesh really well, groove metal, hard rock, progressive, and power metal all come together to create a powerful release. With the exception of the intro and outro tracks, the band have managed to create fairly long song with each of the four main songs  between almost four and seven minutes long which gives the band a chance to go through all sorts of different styles. Vocals are mostly death / thrash metal style screaming and growling along with some clean singing at times, the drumming ranges from slow / mid-paced to fast with blast beats being added at times, the bass playing is very strong and powerful, the guitar playing ranges from slow / mid-paced to fast playing that combines thrash, death metal, black metal, prog and hard rock influences together to create melody that you wouldn’t think would be there. Lots of great riffing as well as some great solos and rhythm guitar playing.

This band has gotten off to a great start with the power and intensity that they have managed to create on just four heavy tracks. The intro and outro are very cool, but it just made me want to hear more of the metal, not the instrumental tracks. If they keep on going like this, you will be hearing a lot more from DESTROYERS OF ALL.

FALLEN JOY: Order to Die EP: CD

Order to Die (EP) cover art

FALLEN JOY is a French metal band founded in 2008 and this is their debut release, a five song EP. They play melodic death metal and they self produced this album and are going to be releasing a new album sometime this year.

With a bell tolling and an instrumental symphonic opener, “Morituri Te Salutant” starts things off on a quiet note, but that changes once “Order To Die” kicks in. With thundering drums, technical melodic leads, growling vocals, rumbling bass and a punch in the throat of power, they really get the album moving. “Hosting the Black Flag” has dual vocals, machine gun drumming, a great solo, and a slower pace that really made for a great song. “Seeds of Tyranny” is another great song with a heavy groove and fantastic guitar playing. Last song “Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit” is a slower song that has elements of doom and black metal mixed into their melodic death metal, and is a very cool track with the various styles mixed together.

The band draws from a few different genres and creates their own mix of heaviness and melody that will make you come back for more. Since this is only a five song EP, I can’t wait to hear what the full length is going to sound like.

BLINDED BY FAITH: Chernobyl Survivor: CD


BLINDED BY FAITH is an extreme metal band from Lévis, Quebec Canada formed in 1998.  In 2003, they released their first full-length album “Under an Occult Sun” through the label Galy Records, they released a live performance CD/DVD “Imperial Collapse” in 2007, shortly after, they released their second album “Weapons of Mass Distraction” in 2007, and finally, after some lineup changes and recruitment of highly motivated and creative new members, released their third and most recent album “Chernobyl Survivor” in 2012. The band comprises of Tommy Demers on vocals, Jean-Philippe Morin on bass, Michaël Beaudoin on guitars and Julien Marcotte on drums.

“Chernobyl Survivor” kicks off the intense set of songs with machine gun drumming, three different styles of vocals from growled to clean to high-pitched, great leads and fast bass playing that grabs your attention right away. “So Speak The Voice Of Law” has a cool guitar riff that opens the song, then the band jumps in and things get harder, faster and very melodic and made this song one that I had to play a few times because it was so good. “Dead End” has insane drumming and ripping guitar playing that made this one a song to get out your air guitar and play along with and just have a wild time with, especially with the classic metal solo that was incredible. “Stranger In The Mirror” has a keyboard that adds an atmosphere to the track and gives more melody to the brutality that is going on around it. “Drastic Medicine” is an intense barrage of manic drumming, growled and shouted vocals, keyboards, thick bass, and great leads that the swirling morass just sounds incredible. This is aggressive, and has a big, powerful production job that gives all of the instruments room to shine and keeps the intensity and power going throughout. The band is playing hard and tight with more than enough anger and emotion to carry other weaker bands into the pits of hell. “Pace Of The Race”, “Shrivelled Wings”, “Pornscars” and “Prophet Of Nothing” were others that just burned my eardrums with their insane power and crazed energy.

BLINDED BY FAITH is a great sounding hybrid of melodic black, death, thrash and modern metal that will completely turn you into fan of theirs with one listen. They have the ability to get you to mosh, headbang, and get into the technical abilities that they have all at the same time and without coming off as those bands that play so technical that they take away from the melody and it becomes boring…these guys aren’t boring! Grab this one kids, it’s a doozy!



A five piece satanic death metal band from Mexico that has released their debut full length album after having put out a demo previously. The album is divided into nine chapters of brutality from five guys playing their souls out…lol.

The intro is ominous and leads into a blistering guitar solo which kicks off the devastation that is on display. Deep, guttural vocals, thundering drums and the thick bass also blew me away in this first track. “Ceremony of The Impure” has chants and double kick drumming that show the level of skill the drummer possesses in this particular track along with the evil vocals that are spat out with fury. “Towards Battlefields” has killer grind beats that give the song more depth and the pounding drums along with the raw guitars really give this track the brutality that it deserves.  “Ravenous Apocalyptic Raids” is a short track with a movie sample and keeps the heaviness going right into “Purification by the Sword” which has another sample and fantastic guitar playing. This band really shows its brutality and anger on this album, along with intense playing that just drips of evil and venom. The guys really put everything into the playing and the all over sound of this album, making it one of the heaviest and most intense albums that I’ve heard in a long time. “Leviathans Coronation” is a swirling and devastating song of intensity that grabbed me and made the hairs stand on end on my arm with the wickedness of the song and the incredible playing. The next two songs just keep the energy and anger going until the last song, “Necropolis Rising” which has some of the best guitar playing on the album, almost traditional heavy metal playing that fades into the most beautiful violin playing at the end…what a finish to an incredible album.

They have great harmonies and powerful riffs, thundering drumming, rumbling bass, and vocals that will give you nightmares, the perfect death metal album to give to grandma! This is one of those albums that will stand the test of time and you will dig it out to replay it for many years to come.

UNBOWED: Self-titled EP: CD


UNBOWED began in March of 2011 in Guelph, Ontario and have just released their debut EP independently and play a mix of folk metal mixed with death metal. UNBOWED consists of Ioan Tetlow on vocals Alex Snape on guitar and backing vocals, Trevor Rice on guitar, Connor MacPherson on keyboards, Zack Kasman on bass, and Nick Lennox on drums.

This five track EP kicks things off with “Shadow of Dark Decay”, with a nice mellow keyboard led start that gives way to some great guitar playing and drumming bringing you the heaviness and intensity that you knew was going to push you down hard in your chair.Great growling vocals and the keyboards that are mixed into the song give it an atmospheric quality that flows well with the powerful playing by the rest of the band. “March Of The Giants” with its chugging riffs, thunderous bass, relentless drumming, deep, growling vocals, the guitar solo and the incredible keyboard playing really made this song a standout. “Gwynn Ap Nudd” has gothic sounding keyboards that give depth to the song, and the drumming is like a dozen machine guns going off all at once. “The Prophecy Foretold” has beautiful keyboard playing that is mixed with the brutal vocals, the chugging guitars, and was another outstanding track on this EP. Finally we come to the last song, “As Winter Claims My Soul” is a great fast and heavy song that ends the proceedings off perfectly, military drumming, wall of guitars, rumbling bass, melodic keyboards and the angry vocals all combined to give you the last punch in the guts.

This was one hell of a good debut that these guys should be proud of, their mix of death and folk metal, their musical ability and the interesting lyrics all combined to make an EP that will get repeated listening around here. For a relatively new band, these guys really take a chance with the mix of styles and sounds and succeed admirably.