ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #0 – The Top Secret Story of History’s First Epic Fail!

Valiant is proud to present Archer & Armstrong #0 from the New York Times best-selling creative team of Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man) and Clayton Henry (Harbinger Wars). 

On May 8th, join Valiant’s immortal wayfarer, Armstrong, for a trek into the distant past in a special standalone tale of dinosaurs, robots, mad kings, and mortal combat that also sets the stage for “Far Faraway”,  the next great arc of A&A beginning this June in Archer & Armstrong #10. This is a tale of three warriors, Ivar, Aram and Gilad, on a quest from the city-state of Ur to the mythical Faraway to recover the Boon.

The art is fantastic in this issue with very expressive facial features and the writing has a very humorous touch which made for a very fun read. I used to read their adventures back in the 90s and they just got better than I remembered they were in this new tale. Grab a copy and take yourself away and pick up their new story arc in ARCHER & ARMSTRONG 10.






























































































Comic Characters I Have Liked

I’ve been collecting on and off for many years and have liked certain characters more than others. I’m not going to get super involved in the history of comics, just some characters I can think of right now.

I’ve always been a fan of Superman, the Vision, Prez, Sandman, Mon-El, Shazam (Captain Marvel), Sgt Rock, Sgt Fury, OMAC, Deathlok, Batman (70’s – early 80’s), the Beast, Wolverine (not anymore, overexposure), Captain America, the Cat (Hellcat), Spider-Man, Tigra, Omega, Nova, Hyperion, Captain Thunder, Human Torch, Thing, She-Hulk, and lots of team books with various members, but I’ll save that for another day.