CHOSEN ONES: They Called Your Number: LP

Buffalo, NY’s CHOSEN ONES debut full-length album takes the best elements of street punk and Oi, and adds melody to the mix. These twelve songs use their influences, SOCIAL DISTORTION, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS and THE DEAD BOYS as a jumping off point and go beyond those subtle references.

Ruben who does vocals and bass and Benny on vocals and guitar have a great pair of contrasting, but complimentary vocal styles, one is more gruff than the other and they join together perfectly. The guitar playing is crunchy and full of licks that would knock the battery off of Robert Conrad’s shoulder in the old Eveready battery commercials, the bass is full and solid, the drums push the band forward with the driving beat and the song writing is great with songs about the struggle of life, friendship and the heartache of being beat down over and over again. The songs are filled with hooks galore, passionate singing and real care put into the production that is clear, but still leaves them with a rugged sound that gives the album the feel of being a true representation of them, not a cleaned up, watered down mess. The album is very straight forward and played hard, but the last song “They Called Your Number” is a very different song, very heartfelt and it has touches of rock mixed with a touch of country…very cool track, something like you would hear on an album from Mike Ness.

This was a great album, lots of catchy, memorable songs that grow even better with repeated listens. I’m looking forward to hearing what they have in store for future releases, because if they hit the mark so well on this album, the next one should be immense.