These fifteen songs by this hardcore / horror / punk / metal band came at you with anger and venom being spat out and followed by a punch to the groin for extra effect. They come from the bowels of New York City and with a name like CHESTY MALONE AND THE SLICE ‘EM UPS, you know that they had better come through for you, and they do with all aspects of the name.

If you’re looking for sweet and polite music…next! I’m glad that I’m not down for that crap and really dug this album with its crazed playing, strong vocals from Jaqueline Blownapart and catchy songs. “Protest The Unborn” is a great track with gang vocals and ripping guitar playing, “Primordial Times” is a super fast hardcore track with the band just this side of out of control, but just barely and Blownapart’s manic vocals adding to the fun insanity, and”Bloodthirsty Hungry and Mean” keeps the angry and blistering speed going. This is going to be a lot of fun when only a few tracks in, you want to crank it up and start slam dancing and make this a permanent fixture in your music playing device. Other songs that grabbed my were “Filtheater” which reminded me a bit of THE PLASMATICS, “The Brain That Ate New York” with it bringing a bit of FEAR to the plate, “My Favorite Things” is one riff heavy gore fest, “Brainwash Cocktail” with great gang vocals, “Quest For Flesh” is one fantastic hardcore song with a blistering performance that just threw me against the wall with its intensity, and “Panic At PT. Doom” with the throbbing bass line and fast guitar leads. The album is bookended by two instrumentals that give you a great start and finish to the frenzied collection of songs on this album.

I was hoping that they could keep my interest for an entire album, and they sure did, from the great pics of Blownapart in the booklet, her incredible vocals and the band playing like their lives depended on it, you can’t go wrong with this album. I’m totally looking forward to their next full release and would love to see them live sometime.


On this split EP you’ll find three songs from the band CHESTY MALONE and the SLICE ‘EM UPS, who come from New York and play hardcore / punk and two songs from Rhode Island hardcore band REASON TO FIGHT. First off REASON TO FIGHT play hardcore with rumbling bass, searing guitar, and shout-out along vocals. “Dying Breed” is about not leaving the scene, even as age and responsibility may push you away, and on “Hard Working, Hard Drinking, Hardcore”, it’s a celebration of the blue-collar workingman played with conviction. CHESTY MALONE and the SLICE ‘EM UPS has snarling vocals, full guitar, rumbling bass, and slamming drums on their three songs. “Panic at Pt. Doom” is fast and vicious then the mighty breakdown comes and just blows apart everything and takes you to slam heaven. “Quest for Flesh” is just fast and belligerent, and “The Brain that Ate New York”  is raw and vicious.

What a great split with everything done right. Go out and grab this baby today!