BUM-CITY SAINTS: Spirit Of The City: CD

BUM CITY SAINTS is a three-piece, fast paced punk band from San Francisco, CA. They just put out their newest album on their own label and it kicks ass.

“Spirit Of The City” kicks things off with a blistering attack on your ears with multiple vocalists, a band raging at full speed and tight playing that smashes into your cranium and just beats the hell out of it. “Jaded” is catchy as hell and a smashing, crashing fun time. “Cold Blooded” has great gang vocals, shouted lead vocals, rumbling bass and a go-go-go blast of energy. “Heart & Pride” has a great hardcore sound with gang vocals and with the slamming beat that they produced on this song, it was my favorite on the album. “Placing Bets” keeps the blitzkrieg going with a song that would be brutal in the pit. This is one tight album with the band venturing into punk, street punk and hardcore in succession and just destroying the pretenders that stand in their way. Jesper on guitar and vocals just shines with the finesse of his leads and quick solos, Travis on bass and vocals lays down some thick and melodic lines and Brian on drums and vocals keeps the beat with his devastating beats, and add on the excellent vocals from everyone, these guys are not playing lightweight crap for shits and giggles, but they are the real deal. “Regardless”, “Resist” and “Go On!” were other exceptional tracks, but don’t worry, the others were just bubbling under and still blow away that bullshit that passes for punk on the radio by a long shot.

This has the makings of a classic album from a classic band who really believe in what they’re doing. Grab a copy, play it once, have a few beers, play it again and start shouting along with them and turn it up loud, you can’t go wrong with this one kids!

https://www.facebook.com/BumCitySaints  http://bumcitysaints.bandcamp.com/album/spirit-of-the-city