This album is eight songs and clocks in at about nine and a half minutesThis is furious, fast, loud punk rock at its best. Orange County, California’s BULLET TREATMENT is one of one punk rock’s most unique bands, featuring a revolving door membership, with the only constant member being mastermind Chuck Dietrich.

The overall tone of the album is pretty much angry and aggressive, which made for a very exciting listen. With six songs clocking in at just under six minutes of angry, fast hardcore punk and lyrically tackling topics such as broken loyalties, life in a police state and even abuses by the catholic church, this was a whirlwind of an album, luckily they threw in two bonus tracks that gave me more of their intense and devastating power.

This is what punk rock is supposed to be: raw, angry and fast. “Ex-Breathers” is well worth your money and devotion.

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