BROKEN SILENCE is a five piece metalcore band from Bunbury, West Australia. These guys sure have done a great job on their first release, lots of power, passion, energy and talent that is showcased on these four tracks.

You get Kane Atkinson’s raw, shouted vocals mixed with smoother singing in places, some great leads from the guitarists Jade Wood and Ricky Signorini, really heavy drumming from Jordon James Fielder and the bassist, Sam Bosley adds some nice heaviness to the proceedings. These guys must have practiced a lot and picked some awesome songs out because this doesn’t sound like a demo, but a full-fledged EP, especially with the good job that was done with the production, professional sounding, not slick, but well done and giving them all the room that they need to show how good they are. The only thing that was a negative or at least not a positive for me was the length of a few songs, just a bit of a trim to them to tighten them up.

This was by far, one of the best metalcore albums that I’ve heard in a long time and I hope that these guys just keep the standard up that they’ve started on this demo, if they do, they could go far.