BORN FROM PAIN: The New Future: LP

BORN FROM PAIN was founded in the early summer of ’97, as one of the early European bands to play a crossover/metalcore brand of heavy music. After a ton of people who have come and gone from the band, they put out their new album The New Future is making a statement to fight, force and unite against what tries to kill us.

Things kick off with the great track “Change Or Die” with the charging drums, the great breakdowns and guitar playing, the thumping bass and the gruff vocals that had great gang vocals added to the song, it would fit perfectly into a mix of older thrash bands like ANTRAX and SLAYER. Track two “Never Walk Alone” continues the awesomeness with more heavy playing and the gang vocals are still there. “Reap The Storm” has great guitar playing, heavy, melodic and just a crushing track. “American Treason” basically ends the album for those of you who want the hard and heavy stuff with a bang, because the next bunch of songs are like a completely different band took over. “Kampfbereitis full of synthesizers and is a techno/industrial song, “Heartbeat” has a lot less of the techno/industrial feel and is closer to more straight ahead music like the beginning of the album. The title song keeps the feel of the earlier songs going with a touch of MINISTRY because of the added synthesizers, “The Dominos Fall” is an instrumental song with samples in place of vocals, great heavy guitar, pummeling drums, banging bass and synthesizers bringing me back to the old Wax Trax days of industrial music. The last two songs are remixes of “Heartbeat” done more industrial.

If you are a fan of crossover/metalcore, the first half of the album is perfect for you, if you like industrial metal, the second half is for you, luckily, I like both so it was an interesting mixture of styles that I really liked, but I can see how this will not be an album that will please everyone. If you are open-minded, check it out, it kicks ass.