BLINDED BY FAITH: Chernobyl Survivor: CD


BLINDED BY FAITH is an extreme metal band from Lévis, Quebec Canada formed in 1998.  In 2003, they released their first full-length album “Under an Occult Sun” through the label Galy Records, they released a live performance CD/DVD “Imperial Collapse” in 2007, shortly after, they released their second album “Weapons of Mass Distraction” in 2007, and finally, after some lineup changes and recruitment of highly motivated and creative new members, released their third and most recent album “Chernobyl Survivor” in 2012. The band comprises of Tommy Demers on vocals, Jean-Philippe Morin on bass, Michaël Beaudoin on guitars and Julien Marcotte on drums.

“Chernobyl Survivor” kicks off the intense set of songs with machine gun drumming, three different styles of vocals from growled to clean to high-pitched, great leads and fast bass playing that grabs your attention right away. “So Speak The Voice Of Law” has a cool guitar riff that opens the song, then the band jumps in and things get harder, faster and very melodic and made this song one that I had to play a few times because it was so good. “Dead End” has insane drumming and ripping guitar playing that made this one a song to get out your air guitar and play along with and just have a wild time with, especially with the classic metal solo that was incredible. “Stranger In The Mirror” has a keyboard that adds an atmosphere to the track and gives more melody to the brutality that is going on around it. “Drastic Medicine” is an intense barrage of manic drumming, growled and shouted vocals, keyboards, thick bass, and great leads that the swirling morass just sounds incredible. This is aggressive, and has a big, powerful production job that gives all of the instruments room to shine and keeps the intensity and power going throughout. The band is playing hard and tight with more than enough anger and emotion to carry other weaker bands into the pits of hell. “Pace Of The Race”, “Shrivelled Wings”, “Pornscars” and “Prophet Of Nothing” were others that just burned my eardrums with their insane power and crazed energy.

BLINDED BY FAITH is a great sounding hybrid of melodic black, death, thrash and modern metal that will completely turn you into fan of theirs with one listen. They have the ability to get you to mosh, headbang, and get into the technical abilities that they have all at the same time and without coming off as those bands that play so technical that they take away from the melody and it becomes boring…these guys aren’t boring! Grab this one kids, it’s a doozy!