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Dresden, Germany’s STRONGBOW have found their complement in Dallas, Texas’ punk outfit DOG COMPANY. Both bands play punk rock with a nod to a more classic, straight forward approach mixed with street punk energy and they do it well.

STRONGBOW’s “These Nights” and “Blind” both showcase a tight band with great energy and enthusiasm and two memorable songs. Great stuff. DOG COMPANY’s “Not Dead Yet” and “Everybody’s Your Best Friend” are the demo versions on the vinyl and the finished release on the download, which is a very cool pressing error. Both versions are great fun and full of kick in the teeth power. Of course the production and sound is tighter on the download, but I enjoyed both versions.

The split is a definite treat with both bands putting their own spin on punk rock and giving us a taste of their catalogue and it makes you want to go out and grab more from both. Check this out and sing along with a couple of bands that prove you don’t need to be trendy, just good.


THE GONADS who have been around since 1975 and the relatively new band THE UPRISERS, have joined forces and recorded a split EP that contains four tracks, and has a playing time of eleven minutes. THE UPRISERS  feature members of THE BRUISERS and THE RADICTS on this first release by them.

The first song by THE GONADS, “Harry Mays Revenge” has gruff lead vocals, gritty guitar playing, thumping bass, killer drumming and a great chorus that takes you back to the late 70s when Oi! was new and exciting, and “These Are our Streets” gets more powerful and tastier guitar playing than on their first song. The band have great gang vocals and really have great energy on this highlight. THE UPRISERS first song, “Just Like Me” is a barnstormer of a track with the band playing full-out and showing how much power they have, with great banging drums, driving bass, a great guitar solo, gang vocals and slightly gruff lead vocals. “Angel Eyes” keeps the fast punk rock energy going and if you don’t get up and dance to this song, you must be dead. I can see this song being popular in a live setting with people slamming into one another full tilt and singing along to it.

Two bands with slightly different takes on punk rock make this a fantastic single that deserves to be in your collection. With great lyrics, great playing and the fact that all of the songs are kick ass, you can’t go wrong, so go out and grab this one.


Seventeen songs saying screw you for Christmas, what more needs to be said? This is a great antidote to all of those syrupy albums and songs that you hear over and over again at the most greedy time of the year.

There are punk songs, oi! songs, and even an acoustic song, but none are traditional tunes that mom would be singing along with, unless she’s super cool. I had a great time listening to this and laughed out loud at some of the songs, perfect for getting the cheer going, not that a pint or three wouldn’t hurt to have while listening to this. There are newer bands on here and even old guys like Splodgenessabounds to make your holidays happy. This LP comes in a full color gatefold jacket, has a red vinyl A-Side and a green vinyl B-Side, and includes a bonus CD version of the album, so you take it to your friend’s house and scare his neighbors too.

Cover painting by the always amazing Richard Stone, who has done covers for Anti Nowhere League, The Gonads, Guitar Gangsters, The Lurkers, Splodgenessabounds and more, but watch out, there are boobies on the cover. This was a treat from start to finish, I’m going to listen to this every year and you should too.