Black Bombers are a Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Birmingham, England that feature Alan Byron (guitar and vocals), Darren Birch (bass guitar), and Dave Twist (drums). Darren Birch is a former member of Gunfire Dance is also a member of The Heartbreakers, Walter Lure’s touring band, and also gigs and records with The Godfathers, Dave Twist is a former member of seminal punk/post-punk band The Prefects and also recorded several albums and toured with The Tenderhooks, and Alan and Darren also play in Birmingham’s long-established, George Romero/Ennio Morricone influenced, Horse Feathers.

“Day After Day” kicks things off with a nice thick sound courtesy of the bouncing bass, the vocals are gruff and impassioned and the guitar is ripping…great start to this EP. “Relentless” is just that, a non-stop attack on your senses that amps up the punk rock and really stands out as a top-notch track. “Animals ‘n’ Cages” makes the punk rock pump up even more and those crazed vocals are terrific. “Gnarly” is an instrumental that holds your ears captive with the raw energy it has. “Sometimes” is another punkish tune with some garage thrown in and sounds like it’s going to fall apart at any time, but stays together in its glorious mess. “Hair Of The Dog” is a cover of Green On Red and it’s another home run. Crunchy, tough-sounding and just as insane as you would hope from them…fantastic.

An EP that goes beyond what I was hoping for and makes for an old-school punk collection that you fans of the 78-77 stuff will love. I was just wondering where the bands were that play this kind of music and here it was all along.

BLACK BOMBERS: Self-titled

This Birmingham, UK band has put out their debut album with nine tracks and two bonus songs on the CD of original 7″ single versions of “Crazy,” and “That Kind.” The band consists of Alan Byron (Guitar / Vocals), Darren Birch (Bass Guitar), and Dave Twist (Drums).

Starting off with an instrumental that turns into first song “That Kind,” the band lets you know that they are here to rock and rock they do! The spectre of the Stooges hangs over the band, but it doesn’t stop them from still being their own band. They take that sound and make it even more chaotic and ramshackle and it sounds amazing. The songs are gritty, catchy and to point. They hit hard, fast and get your ass shaking, exactly what rock music should do. The sound is thick, a bit muddy and dirty, but if it was scrubbed clean, this would be crappy corporate rock, not heartfelt and nowhere nearly as exciting as it is on here. “Nameless” sounds like the band is coming apart at the seams, but damn……..does it ever sound sweet.

This ain’t no pretty album, no sir, it’s filthy and grubby, angry and has issues, but you need to get this and crank it up. This is the sound of a band doing everything they can to stick together on the songs, everyone trying to destroy their instruments and I’m glad that punk rock gave bands like this a chance to tear into my ears.