BIGBLAST: All Saviours: CD

BIGBLAST is a French melodic hardcore band that has a female as the lead singer. They play powerful, melodic hardcore with political lyrics and musical influences from RISE AGAINST to PARAMORE. In 2008, they released their first EP Deaf To The sirens and their first full-length entitled All Saviours came out in January of 2012.

Emi on lead vocal has a strong and very melodic voice  that brings a lot of character to the songs, Liom and Seb on guitars put a lot of great leads and solos on these songs that will surprise you at how proficient they are, Jérome on drums and Greg on bass really carry the bouncy melody on the album. The band really gels and gets you in a great mood with the aggressive, but harmonious music that grabs your attention right away. The strength of the songwriting and the depth of the playing really shine on this album, taking you away to a place where you can totally escape to and lose yourself in the euphoria of music that transcends the average and flings you into the stratosphere, away from the crappy day you might be having and put a smile in your heart. Some songs that stuck with me were “Something To Sing About”, “Hostages In Our Own World”, “Tonight We Own This Place”, my favorite “Everything Changes”, “No Repents”, “Invisible Enemy”, “Waiting For The Go Signal”, and “A Revolution A Day”.

A fantastic debut album that really gets lodged in your head and forces you to listen to it again, and then you just fall more in love with it. I really have nothing more to say except that you need to get this album and turn it up loud, sing along to it and feel good while doing it.