REX 84: You Are The Enemy: CD

This three-piece band from Princeton, Kentucky plays some old school punk with angry vocals with some hardcore added to the mix.

Twenty songs filled with angry lyrics and for the most part, some cool old school hardcore punk that could have used some more work on production, but it sounds like a forgotten album from the old days the way it is. The songs are short and to the point with no filler added just some speedy tunes with a cool sample from the Shining thrown in to give you a smile, in a sick kind of way. This band shows a lot of promise, I liked the guitar work, and the wild drumming a lot, the singer carries off a great gruff vocal; the only problem is that I wish that it was produced better. Everything is a bit buried and the volume changes sometimes from track to track, with a bit more work production wise, these guys would have one kick ass album on their hands.

I liked what I heard, and I hope that they can get a bit better production on the next one because these guys are really talented and have a lot of good songs.