Beaver Slap Hot Dam! Album Cover

Beaver Slap are an all-female hardcore punk crew out of Barrie, Ontario who have been taking no prisoners since their beginnings in early 2012. Blending ’80s style hardcore riffs with tongue-in-cheek lyrics covering social politics, the feminine perspective, and absurdist adventures into depravity, the songwriting team of guitarist Julie Marchione and vocalist Pixie M. Finnie, have pulled out all the stops on their debut full length album.

These short ten songs are a complete blast from start to finish with no room to quit. “Frantic Fists” is a great rant against the groping and disrespect females often get while trying to dance and enjoy the show. “Does This Look Infected” reminds me of the Yeastie Girls and really has a cool grind to it. “White Trash Slasher” describes an angry and violent murder that has fantastic lyrics and you can hear the venom dripping from the vocals. “Kicking a Dead Horse” is a tirade against a relationship that is more than over and has the bitterness all over it. The band, also including Cailyn Fitzgerald on drums and Natalie Mason on bass really put forth an amazing amount of energy and tightness that make the songs really shine. The production is a bit rough, but if it was totally clean, it would take away from the explosiveness of the songs and the messages. The ten songs fly by so fast, that you need to hit the replay just to get another fix of the intoxicating noise.

This is the sound of a band that is growing and getting more dangerous with time, and becoming a powerhouse of insane guitar playing and drumming. The thick bass caries a nice throb that maintains a groove and the insane vocals are throat-shreddingly awesome. Grab a copy, go see them and feel the power and anger in person.


BEAVER SLAP is a punk rock group out of Barrie, Ontario that was founded in January of 2012.  That summer, BEAVER SLAP recorded a four song EP, with She Died Productions called The War Paint EP.

These four ladies tear through four sloppy punk songs that are rough, raw and keep the punk rock flame burning brightly. The screamed vocals from Pixie are what Chloe Webb portraying Nancy Spungen would sound like fronting a punk band with mid ’70s leanings. The rest of the band plays hard and with passion, great wobbling bass from Bex, Julie playing loosely, but with guts on guitar and the strong drumming from Cailyn. The songs are short blasts of anger and hit pretty hard, with the band giving everything they have.

All four songs are good and stand up on their own, making you wonder what an entire album from them will sound like. With luck, this band will get it together to release some more music and keep punk rock the glorious mess that it should be, not the perfectly crafted chart garbage that lacks the emotion and pure guts that BEAVER SLAP have.