AT WHAT COST: Everyday’s A Tragedy: Cassette

AT WHAT COST are a four piece punk/hardcore band out of Georgetown and Toronto, Ontario Canada who do some raging old school hardcore punk.

This six song cassette starts off with the hard-hitting “Everyday’s A Tragedy” and is full of blistering speed, but is catchy as hell with its dual vocals and ripping guitar work. The song is about all the natural disasters related to climate change and the excessive lifestyles that caused it. “Enslaved” is another powerful song talking about how crappy their job situations, “We Didn’t See This Coming” is about how fucked up the world is, but done tongue-in-cheek. As you can see, AT WHAT COST has put not only effort into their playing, but in getting a message across with their tight hardcore. “Taken” is one burning hot song with super quick guitar playing and screamed vocals, “Threat” reminds me of the old days when nuclear war was on every punks mind, before angst and bad emo took over and crying about your lost girlfriend became cool…yuck! Last song “We Just Wanna See The Sun” is about smoking, and not the regular smokes that you can buy at the corner store. With blazing guitar, rumbling bass, pounding drums and the dual vocals, this is a great release from a talented band.

AT WHAT COST has put together a release to be proud of, one that brings to mind the old punk rock that I listened to when I was in high school and they nailed it perfectly. These guys are one of the better punk rock bands out there, grab this cassette and support them.