ASHES YOU LEAVE: The Cure For Happiness: CD

This female fronted gothic/doom metal band from Croatia has been around since 1995 and have released their sixth album and first with Italian vocalist Giada Etro.

There are nine songs on this album and at times the songs remind me of the goth music from the 80s during the less metal parts. The production is pretty good with everything mixed really well; nothing is buried so you can hear the subtle things going on, like the keyboards the violin and the flute really well. The band is really tight and has a lot of talent, the guitar work by Berislav “Bero” Poje who also does the deep growling vocals and guitarist Matija Rempesichas a lot of flash, Marta Batinic on violin adds some atmosphere, Luka Petrovic on bass guitar gives depth and adds to the heaviness of the album and the drumming by Saša is handled really nicely. The female vocals by Etro are a bit operatic, but done with energy and power, which made them stand out from other female fronted goth metal messes. This band has a lot of talent, just listen to the slower paced songs and the talent that they have just jumps out at you.

I have never been a fan of this style of metal, too cheesy and the vocals are too operatic and wispy for me, but these guys are one band that I will actually play again and even listen to them with my wife who’s not a metal fan. I think that she and others would like a lot of this album.