ARTHUR WALWIN: For One More Night: CD

Arthur Walwin is a singer, songwriter and producer from South East London, and has struck out from his band Paige to release his first solo EP. Arthur Walwin started on YouTube recording covers before writing his own original music and has put seven original songs on this release.

“Blame it On the Weather” starts with great piano before the drums kick in and gives you an idea of what the rest of the EP has in store. “All For You” has a great piano and rock guitar riff that makes for a beautiful balance of songwriting. I am amazed that more people have not heard of Arthur Walwin, he is a great singer and musician with real emotion in his music. “Older Posts” adds a female vocalist who gives the track a nice extra sound that makes for a real treat. “So Nice To Meet You” has some great guitar riffs and keeps the great music going. “Wisteria Lane Poker Club” is a heavier track on the EP and has strong guitar, confident vocals and precision drumming that is full of emotion and power. Final track “Don’t Lean On Me” is a great song that ends everything perfectly.

This was a very nice look into Walwin’s music palette and it’s full of colors that will brighten your day. Give this EP a spin and let the sound grab you.