THE FAKE BOYS: This Is Where Our Songs Live: CD

This trio from Lowell, MA play poppy, upbeat, melodic punk rock that will get stuck in your head and try as you might to beat it out of you, you’re stuck with it for life.

Short fast songs that hit you one after another and don’t give yo a chance to catch your breath. The vocals are sincere, with clever and catchy lyrics that will have you singing along within the first listen. Song after song of high-energy and tight playing makes this stand out of the pack of other bands that mine this area, these guys are the real deal.

You will find your favorite song on here and possibly your new favorite bad as well, so go out and grab a copy and have a party courtesy of these talented guys.



Graves cover art

Originally starting back in 2005, this band from Dover, NH plays a blistering mix of punk, hardcore, and thrash that is one devastating mix that deserves to be played loud…and often.

This twelve song album goes by so fast that you will be playing it over and over again to keep the mosh pit party going. Only one song is over one and a half minutes long, the last track “Graves”, all of the others are super short and to the point. Screamed vocals, blistering guitar playing, excellent meshing of the bass and drums all give this album power and emotion that grabs you as soon as it starts and continues right until the last note stops. Every song is a keeper, with nothing wasted on these wild tracks.

A very cool album that made me replay it a few times because I didn’t want it to end. I need more of this band and will be hunting down their other releases.

IGNORANCE: World Of Waste: CD

IGNORANCE are a five-piece band from Maine and New Hampshire who do straight up hardcore mixed with a bit of punk. This disc features the seven-song “World Of Waste” recording session plus four from their demo.

Chugging guitars, heavy bass, screamed vocals, and smashing drums on the first song “Ignotro”, then we get the manic hardcore thrash attack going on the second song “Apples, Oranges And Dates”. IGNORANCE doesn’t let up on the pace during this album, the band plays hard and heavy throughout and they pull off what is a very short album, but also one that has great lyrics, energy, and  fast choruses leading to stomp-inducing mosh parts that will get you party to go from ok to awesome. Songs about suicide, apathy, being yourself and other things that piss them off are the topics and they really don’t care if they piss you off because maybe it will get someone to think and act for themselves.

This was a great album that I listened to a ton of times in a row and liked it more and more each time. It sucks that IGNORANCE disbanded last year after a two-year period, but at least we have this document of their glory.

WATCHFIRE: The Resurrection Of Truth: CD


Watchfire is a hardcore/thrash band from The Merrimack Valley, and features members of Hardcore outfit Harder The Fight. This is their ten song debut full length album from Arrest Records.

The album starts off with the short instrumental title track that has heavy bass, pounding drums and crunchy guitar that leads you into the blazing song “Tragedy”. Guitarist Bocca is just phenomenal with the speed and power he brings to the song, Andrew Smith, the bassist lays the groove on thick, drummer Matt Brodsky is a whirlwind, hitting his kit with such power and singer/guitarist throws the leads fast and furious and has a rough voice that shreds his throat. From that song on, the band is firing on all pistons, going all out and showing that they fucking rock out big time. The songs are short, fast and if this doesn’t make your blood boil and force you into a frenzy of head banging, you must be dead. Every song is just a mind-blowing journey into thrash heaven, not one song is mediocre, and then when you think that it can’t get better, they lay on us the last and longest song on the album, “Undertow”. It starts of with just quiet guitar, some drumming comes in, then bang, it starts ripping up shit, but not to the same speed as the rest of the album, more mid-paced, but heavy as fuck with the rough shouted vocals changing to an almost Ozzy Osbourne style vocal on and off in the song. It gets back into just the quiet guitar again then back into the heavy stuff again and then the song fades out…awesome!

This was super heavy and one of my favorite thrash albums that I’ve heard in a long time. WATCHFIRE showed that they can go hard and then change things around and give you a few surprises. Grab this one today, crank it up and love the band.