TEXAS TERRI got together with three fantastic musicians in London, England and came up with a five song EP that has power, emotion and hooks galore without losing any power that you would expect from such a powerhouse performer such as TEXAS TERRI.

These five songs have great energy and the performance is top notch. The band has great guitar playing that will make the air guitarists out the jealous, the thumping bass and the pounding drums really mesh together perfectly, while the vocals are slightly gruff, but still smooth. The band keeps enough rock mixed in to give the songs a nice extra kick while retaining a terrific old school punk sound that gets under your skin and puts a smile on your face.

The talent that is present on this debut release makes me really look forward to more music from them in the future. This is one of those EPs that will be played to death in my house, you should do the same…go buy a copy!