After being around for ten years, label Easy Action puts out a sampler that encompasses their label and how eccentric, eclectic and wonderful it can be. They have a lot of buried treasures from bands that you know, but they also keep their ears out for newer bands to promote as well.

With a great mix of the old and the new there are so many tracks to tempt and new bands that you can become fans of as well. You get an amazing alternative mix of
“I Got A Right” by Iggy & The Stooges that just kicks ass to start off the collection, you go into heavy tunes from Amebix, Moriaty, The Red Cords, The Hydromatics, and so many more. The cool part of this is the unexpected things they give you like “A Quick Thing” by Rowland S Howard & Nikki Sudden, Lost Dawn with their 60s sounding “The Fall,” the blues of “Mamma You Got A Daughter” from John Lee Hooker, the fun new wave of The B-52s’ “Lava,” the folk king Bob Dylan with “Baby Please Don’t Go,” and an early shot from the Alice Cooper Group’s “Nobody Likes Me.” This really shows off the label and the amazing and varied bands available.

There will be something on here that you love, some you like and some that you won’t, but it will give you a real idea of the amazing music out there that you have been missing from some new bands, and the great stuff you’ve never heard from your favorites. I love these kinds of things, an inexpensive taste that I love and it keeps me hungry for more.

AMEBIX: Sonic Mass: CD

First material from this seminal British punk band in over twenty years. AMEBIX reformed in 2009 to do a world-wide tour which sold out in the U.S prompting the idea to record new material.

While not being the heavy-duty crust punk band that they were back in the old days, this album shows a band not willing to roll over and do what you expect them to do. Yeah a rehash would make the fans happy, but then they would complain that they haven’t grown and are just aping their old sound and when they try something new, the fans complain that they don’t sound like they used to…you can’t win. This has a very diverse sound from the gentle and subdued first song “Days” to most of the album that retains the punk sound mixed with KILLING JOKE tribal rhythms, along with technical metal, and ambience. The band really takes the new direction to heart and plays full on with feeling and a sense of love for the material. I really can’t pick just a few songs to talk about since the whole album works as a whole and is a complete package.

You need to listen to this album without trying to compare it to their previous albums and enjoy it for what it is, a great album that will captivate you from start to finish and keep you coming back time and time again. This is one classic album that really stood out from the crowd and will definitely get played a lot around my house.