ALEX SAUER: Inside Out: Download

ALEX SAUER is one of the vocalists in the hardcore band HIS STATUE FALLS and has just put out a three song acoustic EP on Acuity.

He was missing the guitar in his band and wanted to get back to the feeling of just playing it again and it helped bring out the songwriter in him. He went and put his feelings and thoughts down and went and decided that a solo EP was the way to go for him. These three quiet, slow acoustic songs show a lot of depth in his lyrics and his skill as a guitar player with the gentle strumming and relaxed vocals. No punk or hardcore or anything else heavy or angry, just some nice songs to throw on and unwind to.

If this is his new outlet for his creativity, he couldn’t have done a better job. I’m not a huge fan of the singer songwriter genre, but SAUER carries this off really well and I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from him.