CHOOSE YOUR POISON / NU, POGODI!: Fuck My Womb I’m Calling In Dead Split: 7″

Five song split single from CHOOSE YOUR POISON from Appleton, WI and NU, POGODI! from Leeds, UK. Both bands giving their everything on these five songs and destroying whatever gets in their way.

Kicking things off is CYP with “Calling in Dead / Damage Is Done” which is one devastating track that reminded me of DAYGLO ABORTIONS a bit with the crazed playing and shouted lyrics, and “Enter The Coma” is the last of their tracks and completes the skate punk / thrash / metal mix that made me sad that hardly anyone plays this style anymore and nowhere as good as they do. The next three songs from NU, POGODI! come at you like a wailing banshee fronting a whirlwind. Lots of screaming, machine gun drumming, riffs aplenty and deep bass all add up to a thrash / crust / punk fest that will leave you wanting more.

Two bands that totally killed it on this release and blew me away with the anger and energy that they both possess. This is the kind of single that you put on and a pit breaks out and sweeps you in and knocks you on your ass. Great stuff!