Seventeen songs saying screw you for Christmas, what more needs to be said? This is a great antidote to all of those syrupy albums and songs that you hear over and over again at the most greedy time of the year.

There are punk songs, oi! songs, and even an acoustic song, but none are traditional tunes that mom would be singing along with, unless she’s super cool. I had a great time listening to this and laughed out loud at some of the songs, perfect for getting the cheer going, not that a pint or three wouldn’t hurt to have while listening to this. There are newer bands on here and even old guys like Splodgenessabounds to make your holidays happy. This LP comes in a full color gatefold jacket, has a red vinyl A-Side and a green vinyl B-Side, and includes a bonus CD version of the album, so you take it to your friend’s house and scare his neighbors too.

Cover painting by the always amazing Richard Stone, who has done covers for Anti Nowhere League, The Gonads, Guitar Gangsters, The Lurkers, Splodgenessabounds and more, but watch out, there are boobies on the cover. This was a treat from start to finish, I’m going to listen to this every year and you should too.

ALEX SAUER: Inside Out: Download

ALEX SAUER is one of the vocalists in the hardcore band HIS STATUE FALLS and has just put out a three song acoustic EP on Acuity.

He was missing the guitar in his band and wanted to get back to the feeling of just playing it again and it helped bring out the songwriter in him. He went and put his feelings and thoughts down and went and decided that a solo EP was the way to go for him. These three quiet, slow acoustic songs show a lot of depth in his lyrics and his skill as a guitar player with the gentle strumming and relaxed vocals. No punk or hardcore or anything else heavy or angry, just some nice songs to throw on and unwind to.

If this is his new outlet for his creativity, he couldn’t have done a better job. I’m not a huge fan of the singer songwriter genre, but SAUER carries this off really well and I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from him.

MIRACLES: Hugo Mudie & Fred Jacques Present: CD

Hugo Mudie and Fred Jacques from the bands SAINTE CATHERINES and YESTERDAY’S RING have a new band and direction. This is eleven acoustic songs with touches of country, folk, Irish folk, and hints of punk in the lyrics and in the raspy vocals throughout the album.

You can hear the hints of their influences on here including Joe Strummer, Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen, The Pogues and Richard Séguin on the songs on here, but they don’t overwhelm the true talent that’s at work on the album, it just gives you a hint of them. The playing on this album is really well done, it feels like you’re at a show watching these guys play, which would be a great way to hear the album. The styles go back and forth and it takes you on a journey that goes in all sorts of directions, but still is a cohesive piece of music. I really enjoyed all of the songs on the album, they were well written and no matter which one I put on, I instantly got into it and wanted to hear it again.

I was a bit scared when I first started to listen to this album, that it was going to be ambient and pompous, but this band took away the fear and the longer I went into the album, the more that I liked what I heard and really enjoyed it. Sometimes you take a chance and it blows up in your face, this time it worked out perfectly, an album that grows on you more you hear it and you want to keep hearing it.