ACIDEZ: Don’t Ask For Permission: CD

ACIDEZ was founded January 30, 2003 in Guadalajara/Zapopan, Mexico. This four piece old school punk band have thrown all their influences on this album and come out with a winner.

“Acideztruction” has some crazed singing, buzzsaw guitar, manic drumming and heavy bass guitar, what a great start to the album. This album is full of killer UK82 style punk that brings to mind GBH back when they were CHARGED and not metal, and you could almost see Wattie from the EXPLOITED getting up on stage to do a song with them. They could fit on a bill with the CASUALTIES and the pit just going nuclear with the power that ACIDEZ put forth on this album. These guys really can play too, the bass actually can be heard and plays a front role on some songs, the guitar playing is tight with some great riffs mixed in with the onslaught, the drumming is blindingly fast and precise and the throat ripping vocals carry the anger and aggression right to your face, slamming you against the wall. Some songs that kicked ass were “Linea De Muerte”, “Creas Tu Infierno”, “No Pidas Permiso”, “Hated & Rejected”, “Kaos”, and “Todo Destruído”. Those were the ones that stuck out, but every song on here is a kick in the nuts of intensity and power.

If this band comes your way, you must see them and dare to go into the pit while they are playing. This was a swirling morass of destruction and mayhem that sucks you in and won’t let go of you.