Daemonicus - Deadwork

Some Swedish death metal? I looked at my wife and joked about Sweden and the amount of death metal bands from there and I thought, “Here we go”, but this was one of the better bands that I’ve heard from there.

The band kicks ass, some awesome playing, throbbing bass, pounding drums without the cheesy tap, tap, tap noise of the double bass from most bands, some great guitar work and “heaven” forbid, and a vocalist that can be understood. This second album by DAEMONICUS has some great production work, clear and not too polished, just a great job to bring out the anger and power from this band. The band has some thrash and metal mixed in the way that they play, which really added a lot to this album. “The Grandeur of Total Termination” and “We Feast On Your Flesh” are some heavy-hitting songs that I played a few times to get the full effect of the band’s power.

Some great speed, great guitar leads push this into another level that really turned this into a keeper and one that will be played a lot by me. I couldn’t recommend this album more.

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This is a re-release of their out of print first album from back in 2006 with an added bonus song by this doom metal band from Indianapolis.

It starts off with a cool intro which sets the mood of the album and then the first song begins, slow almost creeping in its heaviness. The album creeps by like watching molasses flow uphill in winter, not fast at all, except for two songs which the band picks up the pace and for them, lets loose. Those were the two songs that I liked the most, the BLACK SABBATH worshipping was a bit much for a whole album, the slowness just got to me after a while and I needed something a bit peppier. As a doom metal band, they are pretty good, the singing and playing are really well done, you can hear the talent that they have, but as a first album, you hope that they would leave behind the SABBATH and move into their own style on later releases.

I did enjoy the album and would recommend it if you are a doom fan, it would be a good purchase, I just wanted a bit more speed, but that’s what happens when you listen to doom.

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