The previous albums Live 1 and Live 2, the group had been fronted by Brian Cummins, on this new album, new lead vocalist Happy Rhodes takes over after been a guest vocalist on a previous tour. The set list here is almost completely repeated from Live 1, but with the new vocalist, things aren’t a carbon copy of the previous album.

On this album, you not only get Gabriel’s songs, but you also get Kate Bush’s “Mother Stands for Comfort” which is very well done by Rhodes. “I Don’t Remember” is an amazing song that got the hair on my arms standing up with the impeccable sound and the incredible performance. The crowd is very quiet during the songs but is audible at the beginning and the end of the tracks. This makes for a very nice listening experience where the band is the focus, not the crowd noise. “I Have the Touch” is another song that I just loved and can’t get enough of.

Between the vocals and the amazing playing, this gives both the band and Gabriels songs a perfect platform. The band has so much talent that with every new CD that I hear from them, I love the band more and more, and my appreciation of Peter Gabriel’s music becomes larger.


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Continuing on where they left off with their previous album Live 1, but with a bit more crowd noise and a deeper catalog of Gabriel’s songs, the band plays with all of the heart and talent of that first set.This group features original Peter Gabriel drummer Jerry Marotta, former King Crimson guitarist Trey Gunn, ex-Shriekback guitarist Michael Cozzi, keyboardist David Jameson, and vocalist Brian Cummins.

Being a fan of Peter Gabriel, but not a fanatic that knows his catalog inside out is a good thing because this album gives me a chance to sample songs that I would probably not have listened to in the first place. Yes, I’m more of a popular songs kind of guy when it comes to him, but this collection has drawn me in and turned me onto his deeper tracks. As I listen to this album, it hits me the same way that the first one did, i have goosebumps, and become emotional, with my eyes watering up while I close my eyes and let the sounds flow over me. The pure talent that this musicians have is staggering and I am in awe of just how much I find myself playing this over and over, not just for me, but for anyone and everyone who I can get to listen to it. While the audience is mixed a bit louder in the beginning and end of the songs, it’s not obtrusive at all, it reminds you that this is a live band, not some studio band tweaking everything before you get to hear it, this is a raw and exciting group that blows me away. While I thought the entire album was excellent, the final three songs, “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway,” “Fly On A Windshield,” and “On The Air” were the highlights for me. Cummins used the crowd to sing along and the interaction made this a real treat.

You would think that the second of this project would not far as well as the first, but that would be a terrible conclusion, this is every bit as good as the first album and actually has a touch more warmth to it. As I said before, I’m a fan of Gabriel’s hits, but this band is turning me into a fan of all of his work. This is a special group of people who are doing something that means a lot to them, and it’s exciting for their fans as well.


Security Project – LIVE 1 (Album Review)

This album features original Peter Gabriel drummer Jerry Marotta, former King Crimson guitarist Trey Gunn, ex-Shriekback guitarist Michael Cozzi, keyboardist David Jameson, and vocalist Brian Cummins. This is not a karaoke CD, nor a bunch of people playing his songs, this album recreates the sound and feel of Gabriel’s classic songs and adding touches of their own to the songs.

The band has listened to these songs on the original albums and took all of the meaty bits from those songs and then dove deeper and listened to the subtle things and brought them out as well, giving an interpretation that sends shivers down your spine and has the hair on your arms sticking up. Vocalist Cummins nails the classic Gabriel vocal sound, right down to detailed inflections and cadences, and it takes you a moment or two to realize that this is not a classic concert that you never heard before, but a new and exciting recording. The track list is impeccable, with ten of the album’s twelve tracks taken from Security and its predecessor Melt. The recording is flawless and the production makes it sound like you are there with the band, the crowd noise is subdued and the band is clear and it shines like a star. With so many great songs on here, I had to really think of which one stands out the most to me, that song is “I Have The Touch.” This song has always been a favorite of mine, but the version on here just blew me away and I had to listen to it a few times before I could move onto the rest of the album. The vocals and the playing were so amazing that I was speechless and shivered with delight.

This is an album for people with an open mind and who both missed out on classic Gabriel and saw Gabriel back when these songs were still fresh. This is a classic album that should be played often and for everyone that you know, it’s just too good of an album not to share.