VENGEANCE TODAY: Dude, You Just Ruined The Show: 12″

Dude, You Just Ruined The Show. cover art

VENGEANCE TODAY is a four piece hc/punk outfit from Dresden-Chemnitz-Area, Germany that started playing shows in 2008. After releasing demos in the past, they finally got around to releasing their debut album.

Starting off with a lot of feedback, the album kicks off with the meaty and heavy “Purpose” giving us a taste of the insane energy and devastation ahead. The band plays hard, angry and with intelligent lyrics that will rattle your speakers and shatter windows. Song after song of screamed / shouted vocals with blistering leads, thundering bass and drumming give rise to an album that will get the pits swirling and the skaters thrashing like mad. These ten tracks hit hard and really get the blood pumping and make you want to grab a skateboard. Not one second is wasted on this album and the intensity never lags, it just comes at you like a fully loaded eighteen wheeler with no brakes coming down a hill at you.

This is one awesome collection of songs that will get blasted while I’m driving to work to get me pumped up for my crappy job and when I leave work to release the frustration of the night. Grab this one today and let their energy inspire you to get crazy.

KOLLAPSE: Kollapse: 10″

kollapse s/t (free download) cover art

KOLLAPSE is a three-piece DIY band from Denmark, that has two members from the Mighty Midgets and have recently released their debut self titled album which contains six tracks that blend together crust, sludge and hardcore / punk with dual vocals.

About halfway through the first song “Coffins”, you get the full band making a hell-filled racket, but a glorious one with dual vocals, one higher pitched and screaming and the other lower and growling, before that, you have some big time distortion on the bass that makes for a spooky beginning before going in a faster direction. “Man Machine” is a mix of doom, sludge and crust with lots of distortion and the dual vocals, but the track seems to be so heavy that the band can’t play it fast because it’s weighing them down and dragging them slowly into the tar pits, and “Liberate” starts off slow and then picks up the pace a bit and the band has a bit of a BLACK SABBATH feel to them on this track. You have two sides of the coin on here that they blend together well, the slow, dragging tracks and the faster, punch someone in the face songs that work together. The dual vocals are a nice touch, giving you a different feel within each song, the bass is a star attraction with tons of distortion and a leader on most songs, the drumming is pounding away really heavy and the guitar playing adds some texture with the quick leads here and there. “Grief”  has a layer of sludge and doom that is super thick, but is a hard track to ignore with the great playing on it, “No Gods” has a great solo in it, which is one of the rare times that the guitarist gets that ability and carries the doom / sludge fest for one more song, last song “Minamata Disease” has so much anger and it’s almost evil sounding, which was awesome.

For a debut, this was one heavy album with depth and excellent playing from the band. The production was thick and dirty sounding, perfect for these songs, because anything cleaner sounding would have taken away from the songs and experience of this album. I’m interested in hearing where they are going in the future, it should be interesting. Pick this one up if you want some thick, fat, hardcore mixed with doom, sludge and crust that’s done well.

STOJ SNAK: Songs About Beliefs: 7″

Niels H. Sörensen basically is STOJ SNAK since he does vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, bass guitar, organ, harmonica, toy xylophone, melodica, rhythm apple, hand claps, tambourine, cabasa, programming, song writing, recording, producing, mixing and artwork. Talk about a busy guy.

There are some really good lyrics on here that make you think, which is always a big plus. This is all acoustic and really shows the emotion and power of Sörensen’s lyrics and voice. Some of the vocals are shouted, but it’s mostly sung very energetic and upbeat and makes you sing along with him. Some songs that I really liked were “State of Mine”, “No Refund” and “Great Ideas Need Landing Gear”. The playing is really good, you would think that he had a whole band with him the way it all flows together so well.

This was a very cool EP that I had no idea if I was going to like it or not, and know I end up playing this all of the time, my wife even liked it and she’s picky about what she likes. This is available on orange vinyl and there are 250 copies out there, get it soon.