This record is something that both bands have had in mind for a year or so, ever since the bands played their first show together in Copenhagen in 2012. The bands have been friends for years, even though they live in different cities, Copenhagen and Aalborg, so it was a natural progression for the bands to do something together after releasing their debut albums.

NO FEALTY get things going with a wall of ear bleeding noise called “Ravished” that is a short and powerful blast of intense d-beat and hardcore / metal fury that will devastate your ears. KOLLAPSE come out with their almost three times long track “Father” that hits just as hard as the preceding song, but is slower and has sludge and hardcore fighting for a place in your ears and is a crazed track that is super heavy.

This is one heavy and brutal single, perfect for blaring as loud as you can and for repeated listens. Grab this one today!