COLOR WAR: It Could Only Be This Way: Download

It Could Only Be This Way cover art

COLOR WAR is a Brooklyn-based electronic duo consisting of Billy J and vocalist Lindsay Mound. They originally bonded as visual artists in 2004, and in 2009, their first musical endeavor was created.

On this, their debut full-length album, they have created twelve synth tracks that recall the bleak, coldness of the early ’80s, before the pop music bug bit everyone and the originality was sucked out of music. As I listened to this album, it made me long for a time when I was in high school and every time I turned on the radio, some new sounds were emanating from the speakers, and this was the sound of the future, or so we thought, so I am very happy to say that the future is now and this is a great album. The cold electronics, the soul-full vocals, and the tight arrangements make this like a long-lost new wave album that you just found…and love! Every one of these songs sounds like a single, if only radio was this adventurous again. There are three instrumental songs on here that have the feeling of being part of a soundtrack to a movie and are really interesting, but the vocal songs are what stick with me. Mound has a great voice and with the sweetness that she adds to the songs just makes you swoon. The music has the effect of making you feel like you are part of a movie and this album is playing in the background, both for ambience as well as for dramatic effect. First single “Obelisk” was a great way to warm you up for the album with the single “SOS” taking you further into the depths of joy.

For a band’s debut it must have that certain something that makes you want to follow them, something that is beyond what you can explain, this is that debut album for me. I will now be following this very exciting and talented band and hope that others do as well. Great stuff!