dep: We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out

Asheville, NC-based Danny Peck (aka. dep) has been quietly producing and performing out of Chicago, IL and his current home of Asheville since 2003. He uses an array of instruments, electronic toys, and gadgets to create his music.

Starting with “Inhale, Exhale” the album gets off to a terrific start with the sweeping and grandiose soundscape that emanates from my speakers. The track just grabs you and takes you on a trip and you find yourself floating and just enjoying every second of it. The song is almost 8 and a half minutes long but feels short because of the beauty of it. The album is instrumental and has the feeling of a soundtrack, or at least someone should make a movie and use this as its soundtrack since it is so moving and intriguing. The playing and songwriting is stupendous, something that most people strive for and never achieve, but here it is, all wrapped up just for you. Strangely enough, the album has a number of long tracks, but they never seem long at all, they actually go by quickly and leave you yearning for more. “We Know The Way” has impressive guitar riffs that add to the more quiet pieces of the song.

I was pleasantly surprised that I loved this album so much considering that I usually don’t like instrumental albums too much, but I can’t get enough of this one. This is a keeper and one that I will be playing over and over again.

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