Yazz (born Yasmin Evans, 19 May 1960) is a British pop singer, who remains best known for her successful 1988 dance track, “The Only Way Is Up.” Some of her records were credited to Yazz & The Plastic Population. Her first commercial success came in early 1988, when she supplied the vocals on Coldcut’s “Doctorin’ the House.” She soon launched a solo career on Big Life records, a label set up by her husband Jazz Summers, releasing her debut single, “The Only Way Is Up,” in the summer of 1988. It went on to spend five weeks at the top of the UK Singles Chart, eventually becoming the second biggest selling UK single of the year. Suddenly one of Britain’s biggest pop acts, her follow-up was another big hit (“Stand Up for Your Love Rights,” UK number 2), whilst her debut album, Wanted (UK number 3) was certified double platinum in the UK in September 1989, for sales exceeding 600,000.

This 3 CD Edition includes the eleven album tracks from original CD release in 1988 plus thirty-one related bonus tracks and remixes to make this the most complete collection available of Yazz’s best known releases. The sixteen page full colour booklet features an expanded design of the original artwork, extensive sleeve notes written by Michael Silvester and a full UK discography featuring Yazz’s front cover images.

I first heard Yazz on Coldcut’s “Doctorin’ the House,” and loved the vocals as well as the music and was happy to hear of a full album from her coming out. The album did not disappoint me at all with the range of styles on the album, from house to acid house, to r&b to rap and soul, it had everything to mix together for a fun night of dancing. I tried to get the twelve-inch singles, but back then, it wasn’t too easy to find them,plus with all the different mixes out there, it was impossible to get them all. This not only helps me have a mostly complete collection of the mixes, but the sound and the booklet add so much to my enjoyment of the album. I couldn’t wait to open up this CD and hit play, and enjoy the original album, but all of the remixes that I had never heard before. Yes, there are a lot of remixes on here, but you know what? I love them and am so happy that I have finally got the chance to hear them. So many great sounds on the remixes, and it takes me back to when I used to be a DJ and played these songs in my set. I know that I made many mix tapes with these songs and I wish that I still had a gig somewhere so that I could play these mixes now. The album brings me back to my early twenties and just having the world in front of me, going out and clubbing and just having fun.

This is an album that has fun written all over it and needs to be played a ton of times. Three CDs might be a lot for some, but as a fan and collector, this is a treasure trove that is going to be enjoyed for some time, and at a price that is cheaper than hunting down all the singles, what more prompting do you need?





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