LOLA STONECRACKER: Doomsday Breakdown


Lola Stonecracker is a new hard rock band from San Giovanni in Persiceto, Italy that first got together in 2009, and have just released their debut album Doomsday Breakdown. The album contains fifteen tracks, including a cover of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood classic “Relax.”

The album is quite diverse sounding, with every song having its own identity and feel, which makes for a nice listen because you don’t have a few singles and album tracks, you get a solid recording that holds up better than most. The vocals are clear, powerful and have a lot of emotion. The band is sharp, with great dual guitar playing and the rest of the band giving their all on the tracks. “Jekyll And Hyde” is such a powerful and catchy song, with the mix of smooth and more raspy vocals, the groove is amazing and the guitar playing just blows you away. The band just goes from strength to strength on the album, showing the talent and fun that they seem to be having on this album. I mean, when was the last time that a hard rock album actually put a smile on your face without using tricks like risqué and juvenile lyrics to get a smile out of you? These guys just make fun music and for that I thank them. This is the kind of music that would sound amazing in a larger venue with a crowd shouting along, head banging and just losing their minds. “MC Kenny’s Place” is a song that would sound amazing in that setting, with the gang vocals and the hooks just blasting out of the speakers…! Their version of “Relax,” while not everyone’s cup of tea, a metal band doing new wave, but they make it both heavy and funky and pull it off.

For a debut, they have to really come out with something to top or equal this album, but I can’t wait to hear what they do next. Don’t “relax” and do yourself a favor and get this album, play it loud, play it often and do it NOW!

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